Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Well look at that..Orks get screwed..

Well time to deal with a double-reaming in 6th. First is the rule where wounds are allocated to closest models first (which means you run forward and never get any closer) and now the psychic table is leaked and Wierdboys get nothing.  GW really could have made them useful with a simple checkmark. But nope, they will continue to stay on the shelf at home.

Oh and cover is a 5+ instead of a 4+.  Great. Now my stuff dies even easier. 

There are some glints of hope though, like an HQ being able to be a scoring unit.  Ghazzy scoring? With Snikrot? Who wouldn't want that.

Plus overwatch. Shoota boys on overwatch? That's going to be really, really fun!  Lootas will still be the answer to flyers, if in fact you do need 6's to hit them.  But with the cover change they won't be around long enough to matter.

It's looking like Orks might take a hit in 6th, which is really sad.

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