Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Showcase: Imperial Fists Centurions

Another commission completed.

These guys are a real pain to paint, with all the surface detail on the armor.  Getting the back of the models wasn't as hard as I thought they would be.  But man, trying to paint the details without screwing up the yellow was seriously time consuming.

On the bench is more commission work, will post when those are complete!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Showcase: Thunderwolf Commission

Finished this guy in short order, only a few hours.  I would have to charge like 6x as much as I do to make as much as I do at work, and no way would it be worth it lol

Still, very happy how it came out.  Anyway, pics.

The fur was wet blended with 3 different greys but it does not show well after wash (even a thinned down wash) and drybrush.  Armor is The Fang with a blue wash and Fenrisian Grey highlight.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Showcase: Death Company

Five more Death Company are done. I now have 15 ready to go.

These are the old metal models using plastics from the new kit, along with generic tactical bits.  I do have 5 more plastic DC, but I need to rip off the backpacks and magnetize them. I still like bolters over a pair of close combat weapons, so I'll continue to build them that way.

Next up is another commission.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

On the bench: Commission test model - Icy Ork Goff biker

I'm going to be building and painting my cousin's Ork biker army. He came up with the idea of the blue skin, which I used on my Orcs & Goblins army, and he wants on his Ork army.

he's had the models for years, just sitting around, and finally wants them done.  Unlike my previous commissions which were paint only, these all came on the sprue.

I've built 12 of them so far, mixing in some choppas and sluggas from the Boys box for a bit of variety.

The contrast between the black armor and the light blue skin I think is just amazing. It's only a work in progress, but really only some detailing and a second layer on the skin is left. I chipped up the edges of the armor, but did it pre-wash. I think it needs to be done post-wash for a bit more brightness. I'll fix that.  I'm also not sold on the red belt on the rider. Lastly, I need a much lighter blue for the skin layer, I don't want to have to mix paints like I did with my Orcs.  The only GW one is an edge paint, and that might work if I didn't have to order it.  I'll see what my FLGS has from Vallejo and Badger.

I'm also steadily working on my Death Company models. But I really have not wanted to work on them much so building and painting the Ork bikers has been on the bench more then they have.

Anyway, that's it for tonight. Later!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Showcase: Blood Angels Tactical Squad

It took me a long time but I finally finished the whole unit tonight. Glad to have it done. The way I paint my Blood Angels is time consuming and tedious.  But it's the way I did the whole army so I can't change it now.

I would still like a unit of Sternguard and probably 2 more drop pods to go with the army. Maybe a unit of Grav Gun bikes, but that's a lot of money and a lot of work.

Of course the unit is magnetized, with a lot of options. Usually this unit will go flamer/combi-flamer/heavy flamer.  Pretty potent.

Anyway, pics.

Also have melta and combi-melta options.

Power sword and bolt pistol. Maybe a power axe someday as well.

and lastly the finecast heavy flamer.

I don't have a lot to paint at all right now, but I will probably tackle the Death Company next including pulling off the backpacks and magnetizing the jump packs.  I should have waited for the new codex!  But to be honest I have had these guys built and primed for months.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

More Blood Angels tactical marines: Heavy flamer

I went out to my FLGS and their inventory reduction sale, but didn't have much to spend. I looked around and found exactly what I hoped to find: the Sternguard weapons set.

There was a lot of poo-pooing the bits when they came out, and I can see why especially with the combi-plasma.  The rest of it though, seems just fine to me.

I wanted a heavy flamer in my squad and was planning on buying a Sternguard box, because I want Sternguard, and using the heavy flamer out of that.  I might still do so for my other tactical squad, but for now this bit works fine.  It does take a bit of work but using a set of bolter hands and repositioning the fingers on the grip worked out just fine.  I'm darn happy with it.

I also wanted the combi-flamer and combi-melta for the sergeant.  Using plasma pistols from the Death Company kit that didn't take long.

Doing all this means more work for me however lol, as now I have another marine to paint. At least the rest of the squad is just about done.

I will probably pick up another drop pod, and 2 of them if I get the Sternguard as well.  That will give me a lot of drop options.

Right now I have two tactical squads, one set up with a combi and regular melta or plasma, and the other set up with combi and regular melta or flamer, and a heavy flamer.  I think that's enough options.

Off to bed, I've done enough today. Go DUCKS!! Go HAWKS!!