Monday, July 30, 2012

A quick look through the project box

I'm sure everyone has one, a box or bin or something where projects sit for months..years..between times getting touched.  I keep mine close by.  In addition to the box, I have large bins I use for more current/pressing/larger projects.

So left to right. First is a misc bin with old bases, part of a Finecast KFF mek, and 3 Wargames Factory stormtroopers I put together for painting practice...and are still primed. Plus some bits and other misc models.

Next over I have a couple single model projects. Mainly is a Hawk Lords tactical marine I've been trying to get back too for a very long time. I'm using glazing to do the highlights, and really like the results so far.  I need to finish it, and I'm sure it wouldn't take long if I actually did it.  

I also have a Finecast Boss Zagstruck. It's been kinda waiting for me to get to cleaning up the stormboys.  Very much back burner. Also have the mek from the stompa kit, I want to paint this up and put him on the stompa.  Lastly is the Dwarf I won from Badgrendel's giveaway. I was going to try NMM on him, but he has so very little plate showing I decided to wait.  I did a drybrush of black metallic, then doing zenith highlights of boltgun and chainmail, finally a black wash.

Hair and beard will be done as grey, representing his character status.  getting to the face is going to be hard with the shield in the way.

Last bin has a few mushrooms I made for my Orcs & Goblins, the bits from the stormraven. I finished hightlighting these things, just waiting on the finished product. I got the first highlight on the flyer itself at least!  I also have my objective markers I made for the 6th mission with 6 of them. But I realized as I was making the last one they should have been on 40mm bases. Still trying to figure out how to work around it..

So that's my project box. Other stuff I have in bins is the 10 remaining Orcs with HW/Shield and Grimgor, and the jet battlewagon.  Other non-wargamming projects is the Revell helicopter and the very long-forgotten ME-262 model.

So that's the stuff I have sitting around being ignored. What's on your "project box" list?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lootas are king!

Last night I got a chance to play with lootas behind an aegis defense line. I have to say the combo sounded good on paper and even better once I played it in game.

Is it perfect? No, of course not. nothing in this game is invulnerable. There is always a counter to every tactic and/or unit.

But getting a 2+ cover save and still able to pump out 6-20 S7 *hits* a turn is nothing to laugh at. At all.

Add in the fact that while the lootas are behind their wall of awesome, there is a unit of Nob bikers in your face gives them at least a turn or two of worry-free shooting.

At 1750 I lack any allies, which means to psychic defense. Can't have everything!

I'll keep trying this combo out, and I'm sure I'll get up a couple videos on Ork-ifying the Aegis.

Orks vs Necrons:

Sunday, July 22, 2012

More Orcs & Goblins, 6th ed markers

Finished my Spider Rider musician and Goblin shaman.  That's 7 out of 19 models done.  I kinda started in on the first set of boys.   Well, I do have more models ..9 spider riders and 10 or so goblins.. which I don't need to even build much less paint.  Also the boar boss does not really fit in with the army, so I'm not all gung-ho about painting him. I need another polar bear or something instead.  I mean I want him in my army, he's awesome for 105pts but the boar has got to go!  Just the legs are integrated with the boar so conversion isn't easy.  Ice boar maybe?

Next thing I plan on working on is a set of 6 identical objective markers for the mission with hidden points values. I will use insta-mold and green stuff.

Should work out.   I really need to get crackin' on the storm raven highlights.

Don't forget I'm now taking commissions, looking for my first customer!  Contact me at sorienor  AT

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hobby update

Hobby stuff is kinda slow right now. After so much effort to get ready for OFCC fantasy it's nice just to leisurely decide what to work on.

I had 19 Orcs and Goblins models left to paint, and I've been kinda working on them. The 5 Night Goblins archers are done (need varnish and flock) and I'm working on the goblin shaman. It's from the Arachnarok kit. After these I have 10 more Boys with HW/Shield, a warboss on boar, a spider rider musician and Grimgor.  I wouldn't mind busting out these guys just to get them done, but no hurry what so ever!

In the next couple days I need to get started on the final highlights on my Stormraven for OFCC 40k which is first weekend in August.

I also assembled the Venom I'm donating for Toys for Tots this year. I wanted to do more but money is so tight right now.  Did I mention I accept commissions? :)  This will probably be my August challenge model.  Should be fun, doing something I've not done before.

I have so much to do, but I've been busy the last week doing almost nothing hobby-wise. And enjoying it. I finally got around to working on my computer, putting in a new CPU (well, new to me) and installing Vista so I can fully utilize my DX10 card (I told you, I'm poor!).  It's great being able to play games again, with no DX9 resource crashes.  Man, I love Vista. My favorite o/s ever.

If you play Need for Speed World look me up,  Sorien in-game.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Blood Angels Terminator Librarian complete!

I spent a lot of time on the blending of the armor on this one, probably my best model to date.  Very happy with it, except for some spots of the storm shield.

At this point I think I'm down to a lot of nit-picky stuff, so anything you don't like please let me know so I can keep improving!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What should I do next for Talking about Orks?

Just looking for some feedback on what I should do next for my series. I'm thinking about big guns first, then allies. Flash gitz and tankbustas both received significant changes and are higher on the list. What would you like to see first?

Librarian is close to done, but I'm stuck on exactly how I want to paint the storm shield. The armor has some of the best blending I've done to date I think..

And I'm 0-2 against my son on Monopoly. I just can't stop landing on his hotels..grr!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Slow week

After driving so hard to finish for OFCC it's nice kinda slowing down a bit. Spent most of this week playing board games with the kids. Did get started on my Librarian though.

I'm opening up for limited commission work. Please check the painting services tab for details.

More Orks in 6th edition videos in the works.  Stay tuned!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Black Knights build done

Finished putting the black knight riders on the old horses. No complaints, works perfectly. 

I have 2 more of the horses so when I break out the next box I'll finish them up.

Now to make a list..