Thursday, December 30, 2010

Vulkan He'Stan

A christmas present for my cousin. Kitbashed/stratchbuilt Vulkan to match his Dark Angel Green army.

Got my captain and predator base coated, so those will be the next projects.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Projects moving along

So I finally finished the 2 infantry models I've been working on. I had 5 arms to paint for the sergeant lol. This is how he'll probably be run most of the time.

So now to move on to his tactical squad. ya, that's right a Blood Angels tactical squad. I did have 2, but sold one and I'm keeping the 2nd ..not only keeping it but putting work into it!

First I need to change the squad markings, so they match the Rhino. The 2nd MSU assault squad has it's own Razorback on the way..currently working on the interior.

I'm also rebasing the whole unit with the Forgecraft resin bases.

I have a flamer and plasma guy for the unit. I need to re-do the plasma guy so he's magnetic with a melta option.

So that's the next projects, finishing the tactical squad and finishing the razorback.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Don't even know why I painted him. He's been in my project box most of the year, but I wanted to paint and didn't have anything else ready to go at the moment. And the crappy backpack does not fit, wtf?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Objective markers done

Finished all my objective markers. Very simple, just some boltgun then stipple on Vermin Brown, Dark Flesh and Blazing Orange for rust and a wash of Devlan Mud.

Finished the 2010 Freebootaz painting challenge with all gold. Next year won't be as easy because I'll be doing a lot of fantasy models.

Also finished the last of the boys for my 2nd shoota squad. I really don't have any boys left to paint unless/until I redo my stormboyz. I've got other projects in the way though. I will probably do rockets for my original shoota boys squad soonish.

That's it for now! Next project is finishing my Blood Angels (Until I get a Stormraven) followed by the battlewagon.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Demeching Orks part 2 - Battle for the elite slots

Finally getting around to part 2. The more I play the demeched Orks, the more I like it. I think though that while nob bikers are amazing, they also are the victims of all the anti-vehicle shooting that has no other targets. So it comes down to how many cover saves I can make. It's not exactly an effective tactic. I'm thinking about replacing the whole thing with a full unit of normal bikers ..12 bikers for 20 pts less. Means I lose a scoring unit though but I think 13 bikes (including the warboss) will be quite the enticing target lol.

But it may be a while before I actually get to deploy this..I still need to paint a bike (I only have 11) but I have an old bike sitting around I bought off ebay. I'll get that done soonish.

Anyway back on topic. First thing I want to talk about is tankbustas. tankbustas are a much maligned unit, but I don't think it is entirely deserved. However they are not a bad unit when deployed in the horde mentality.

The cause of the problem is the "Glory Hog" rule Ork Codex, page 42.

"Tankbustas live for the really big kills. They must always attempt to shoot at and/or assault an enemy vehicle if there is one in line of sight, regardless of range. If there is no visible vehicle target, the Tankbustas may select a target as normal."

This means that as long as they see a vehicle, they may not shoot or assault a non-vehicle target. Some people still think that they must shoot or assault the closest vehicle, which simply isn't true. Also with the new codex, they took away the tank hunter USR from the tankbustas, which *is* a big hit to the power of the unit. I think keeping the USR wouldn't have really been overpowered, so I'm kinda sad it's gone.

Also, the glory hog rule apply to movement in any way, so they can move as normal no matter what. So there is no way to "kite" them around the board unlike say, death company. It means you can carefully move the models so they can't see a vehicle, like hiding behind a wrecked rhino. I've used this tactic, allowing me to shoot at a unit of sternguard, devastating it.

Not to mention that if you play Tyranids or any other low- or no-mech army, the tankbustas are free to do as they please. Tankbustas are really good against 3+ save TMC's :)

So in 5th edition, where mech is king, the main detractors to Tankbustas say that vehicles can just move around, out of range, rendering the tankbustas useless. But this just does not mesh with reality. mech guard and MSU Marines, heavy on las-plas razorbacks don't move around, preferably at all! The line up the AV 11/12 vehicles and dare you to come to them.

This is the perfect situation for tankbustas, completely negating the downsides of Glory Hogs. A smart player will probably target the tanbustas first in this situation, even over lootas. If the tankbustas are allowed to make it across the table, the tankbustas bombs will completely devastate anything sitting around. Don't forget they still get Power of Waagh! so that one turn fleet can take someone who is unprepared quite by surprise.

I like to run a unit of 12, with 1 tankhammer, 3 bombsquigs and a nob with the only upgrade a bosspole. I built this unit so it fits in a killkannon battlewagon, but it's also a good compromise on points and survivability. Having the bosspole makes such a difference compared to lootas.

When deploying, they need to be behind your screening unit to gain that all-important cover save but they still need to be as close to the deployment edge as possible so they can be in range as soon as possible. This can be a hard arrangement to make sometimes but it is vital. Usually after the first volley a smart player will target them so they can't get a second, but hiding them among the horde can lead to mistakes, an "out of sight out of mind" situation where they are forgotten about. But if you take some speed, such as bikes or nob bikers, that some of the pressure should be off the infantry.

The biggest problem with tankbustas is that they are elites, and the 3 elite slots are hotly contested in the Ork codex. Between tankbustas, lootas, kommandos and burnas (and even meganobz) you have a lot of choice..and all of them are really good units. In my horde/demeched lists I usually run 1 unit of lootas, 1 unit of tankbustas at 1750. At 2000 I'd add in Snikrot and kommandos. This is a good balance, giving all the power and 3 really annoying units that your opponent has to deal with. The idea here is to do some damage and take pressure off the boys.

Lootas are awesome, but the more I take the more I find it hard to find cover. Getting in area is essential with Manticores out there, as barrage can wipe you out if just hiding behind something. This is where the tankbustas are better, as they can move up with the KFF always getting that cover save. Lootas are static, a firebase. Screened by grots and lobbas, they should be able to survive the wolf scouts. tankbustas don't have any such problem. again, hiding them in the horde is a lot of fun, and gives your opponent way too many priority targets.

Give tankbustas a new look. If you frequently face a wall of chimeraspam or razorspam, they will work fantastically. If you frequently face tyranids, they are broken lol.

Part 3 will be about the very important, in fact invaluable, screening unit.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's done...!

Construction is now complete. Added a platform for the grot rigger and pined it, finished the driver. Finished the roll bar. Added rivets and boltheads all over the place. Finished the rear wing (it's magnetic too). Magnetized the ramps so they stay up.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Holy crap 8 and a half months!

I've been on a fucking plastic tear the last few days. right after the tournament on Saturday I jumped right back into making stuff, starting with redoing the lobba wheels. I love how they turned out, the shields worked out great.

Next came new objective markers. It is something I really needed to do, and they are also for the last painting challenge of 2010. I can't believe it's been a whole year!

Then Tuesday I came home and threw together a flakkatrukk and cleaned mold lines off the entire aegis defense line. Again, I'm loving how it turned out. The line will get turned into terrain pieces sometime soon.

And tonight I assembled my last BA Rhino/Razorback including the forgeworld BA doors. Tomorrow it will get magnetized. But I wasn't done. After literally 8 and a half months I pulled out and shortened my jet battlewagon. So far so good, but a lot of re-working my vision is required.

Now just need to wait for it to not be 25F outside so I can do some priming.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Back on track

Battle Report

So the tournament was today, the Guardian Cup. I did better then I had hoped game-wise, but didn't win best painted which was a disappointment. Oh well. Stuff happens. I had great games against good opponents. My one loss was to..orks. How's that for irony? lol.

Anyway I came home, showered, rested and started assembling 2 more Blood Angels. I'm a fucking addict I tell you.

No more competitive play for the rest of the year. I'm going to play a lot of Vampire Counts and will be posting up videos.

I don't have a lot of Blood Angels stuff left to make, but I do want to finish. The big deals is 2 tanks which just take time.

Ya, so that's it.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

That was fast..

Finished the assault squad, sans varnish. Started it Saturday afternoon and finished Tuesday night. A lot less time then expected. I've also built the las-plas turret, just need a bit of green stuff for it. I'm going to try and get the last Devastator guy done instead of using the ML from the tactical squad.

Taking this Friday off to finish up the changes. I'll get a video up after everything is done, including the list I'm taking.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The next project and more Vampire Counts

My Tau are done. I really, really want to be done with my Blood Angels, but I keep not being able to do that. The problem is I didn't build a competitive list, but a comp list. To make it more competitive I need more models. Sigh. The first unit is done, but now I need to make an entire new 5-man assault squad. At least it's assembled and primed now, and I hope to get it painted by the tournament I have on the 20th along with another las-plas turret.

After that I am going to make that unit it's own Razorback, in addition I need: 1 more ML devastator and a AC/LC predator...both of which are assembled already. Finally I need a new sergeant for my remaining Tactical squad. If there is any ambition left I'll make an assault weapon guy to round out my rhino-based 9 man assault squad. THEN I'll be done with Blood Angels.

Also finished assembly on the 2k VC list. made a small change, dropping 1 grave guard and hatred on the lord to give the lord Forbidden Lore, which gives me access to the normal lores (except life). I'm thinking light. I10 WS10 crypt ghouls sounds like fun :)

After everything was done, I had a stack of boxes and sprues to deal with. Cut off all the bits.

Yay fun!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Taking off for some gaming

Random open gaming at a local club, Western Oregon Wargammers today. Finished assembling my 2000pt VC army which I am hoping to play, but if not I'll have Orks and Blood angels. I finished my first (of 2) MSU assault squads.

We'll see how they play out, only having 1 probably isn't that good but I don't want to spam them either..too "netlisty". I still prefer full sized assault squads that can actually kill stuff in assault. My plan is to run 2 MSU las-plas, 1 9-man in a rhino and a full squad with priest with jump packs.

For now I'm using 3xML dev squad (for points) but might change to an AC/LC Pred.

Anyone know Mr. Potato Head's WS?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Marathon Vampire Counts assembly and 2k list

Long weekend. Not only did I do a bunch of Halloween stuff, but I put together a 2ooopt Vampire Counts list and assembled 65 infantry for it. Phew. A lot of it was done during football games, but still a lot of work. Only 31 models and 2 blisters of Bat swarms left!

Go Ducks!

So here is the list I came up with. Any comments welcome.

Vampire Lord (420); +1 level
Powers: Dark Acolyte, infinite hatred, lord of the dead
Items: Tomb Blade, Flayed Hauberk, helm of commandment, talisman of protection

Vampire (165)
Powers: Hunter in the Dark
Items: Armor of night, enchanted shield, Talisman of the Lynci

Wight King (145)
BSB, razor standard

Skeletonsx40 (350), Full command, banner of helfire

Crypt Ghoulsx20 (168), crypt ghast

Bat swarmx3 (105)

Grave Guardx33 (471), full command, banner of barrows

Cairn Wraithsx3 (175) including tomb banshee

I am considering giving the lord Forbidden lore instead of hatred, so I can have better options for spellcasting.

Also, which is better swarms or dire wolves?

The idea is to have the grave guard the hammer unit, with the skellies in support. The Lord will stay in range to use the helm and nehek the guard to keep them alive, raising zombies to deny flank charges if needed. Then the swarms and wraiths will be out tarpitting stuff while the scouting vamp raises zombies in the opponent's front yard..just for fun.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Putting a thorn in the side of the metagame.

If you ask someone what is 40k 5th edition all about, the first and obvious answer is "mech". Mechanized armies, with all of your units in transports and support tanks. The reason for this is that transports are very survivable and all vehicles can move and shoot. Combined with some price drops in the last few books and/or undercosted vehicles (130pts for a vendetta? really? wtf?) and you have a lot of armor on the table.

The obvious response to this is more anti-tank, both melta for short range and volume of fire for long range. Not to mention both of these help tremendously against TMC's, so much so that the Tyranid book never really excelled.

So how do orks play into this? First, our transports (like eldar) are horrendously overcosted compared to newer armies, lack any form of real firepower (unlike Chimeras) and are very susceptible to competitive builds - Manticores are the end of battlewagon spam. Trukks were decent compared to 50pt rhinos. Compared to 55pt las-plas razorbacks, however, they are just junk.

The question becomes how do we deal with this? The answer is to de-mech, and I don't think any army can do it better then Orks (except maybe missile launcher spam wolves). Kan walls are great, but are slow and almost require 2 KFF meks which mean you leave a lot of power off the table in the form of either Ghazzy or a warboss. Nob bikers are still amazing, but a bad round of cover saves and they evaporate to melta fire so they require great care to use.

Having your opponent use a lascannon to kill an ork boy is pure win for the Ork player. Torrent of fire has lost some of it's luster with lots of armor, T6 TMC's and FNP blood angels at every turn and is being replaced with Ap2, which is a good thing for Orks.

So lets look at a couple units and how they help de-mech while taking on mech. First and most obvious is the lootas. Lootas are starting to lose some effectiveness over time as more AV12 and AV13 comes into the scene. however I'm not really too concerned with taking out vehicles as much as I am about stopping them from shooting and/or moving. A stock chimera can deal out 3 S6 and 3 S5 shots a turn, with 4+ of them over 2-3 turns adds up to a lot of dead orks. Manticores..ugh I fucking hate manticores lol. Shaking a couple vehicles a turn can help you get across the table which is where you want to be. Lootas, like everything else in the Ork codex are not reliable but are completely devastating with a couple good rolls.

The next unit I love for this, especially against IG, is the lobbas. Yes, lobbas. If you're not using battlewagons or kans, you have 3 free HS slots which can be filled with super cheap guns that simply rock. And if you have a game where they do nothing, then they are so cheap you've lost nothing.

The main points about lobbas is they are barrage, which means they always hit vehicles on the side armor. Being S5 means they can pen any IG artillery or chimeras, and glance predators/vindicators/rhinos. Barrage also means taking away normal cover saves, so the IG player can't hide the Manticore behind other tanks for a 4+ save. Also against IG if you do blow up a chimera with the lootas then the passengers (unless they have carapace armor) are sitting ducks to lobba fire...remember vehicle craters are cover (defined as difficult terrain), but NOT area terrain so cover against barrage. Lastly, as barrage they cause pinning. Sure against MEQ there isn't a great chance to pull it off, but it can happen (especially with LD8 combat squads or leaderless Long fangs). Lastly, they don't require LoS so they can be hidden behind almost anything.

Again they are so cheap that a single good action..shaking a manticore for 1 turn or a single pinning of a long fang squad ...means the lobbas have earned their slot. For 84pts a unit (with 3 ammo runts) they are just phenomenal. Ammo runts..3 pts for a re-roll? how can you beat that?

I was playing my cousin against his blob IG, and a single round of lobba fire killed 16 guardsmen. 16! They suddenly went from an ignored unit the the top target.

So that ends part one of De-meching with orks. Next time I'll get into the possibilities behind a resurgence of tankbustas and some army lists to test out.

Friday, October 22, 2010

The projects are stacking up..

Yay for lots to do! So much so that I can't seem to decide where to concentrate.

First, my completed Blood Axe Kan. Love this guy.

I finally picked up some plasmaguns, so was able to finish the las-plas turret for my first MSU assault squad. I sold my main tactical squad on ebay, used bolters and missile launcher from the second to fill out the Devastators. Now I'm using their rhinos for assault squads. To start they will be las-plas with 5 assault marines, with power weapon and meltagun each. I'll still keep my Rhino of assault marines and the jump pack guys. I still like the combination of mech and jump.

Next I finished assembly on the last 10 boys for my 2nd shoota squad, 9 shootas and a rokkit. I also primed the stompa and killkrusha. It was a nice, warm sunny Sunday in late October so I took the opportunity to spray them while I had the chance.

Last project is a AC/LC Predator but when I opened it, the rhino part was completely messed up, the rear door has major recesses and the sides are thinner then normal. Obviously not enough plastic was injected. I keep forgetting to call GW though, need to get that done.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Starting to ramp up the painting again..

Ever since OFCC finished, I've been spending less time on the hobby side. Burnout after killing myself for a year on Blood Angels, combined with both kids in school for the first time sucked my time and energy.

It turns out, I missed it. I like getting things done. The last week has seen me ramp up the time spent painting. There is one thing that is an absolute fact:

if you paint, models will get finished!

Shipped off the charity land speeder, traded 20 boys plus some bits for a box of tactical marines to build a couple MSU assault squad from, and sold the LRC which I don't see me using any more. I just need to pickup 4 plasma guns for razorback turrets.

Finished the next 8 boys for my 2nd shootaboy squad, bringing the total to 20. Finished 2 Deathskull kans.

My 3rd Goff kan is being down for a how-to video, so it will take more time. The last kan, the partner to the 2 deathskulls, will be a bloodaxe. Just have to decide what cammo pattern I'm going to use.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Tau hammer unit? WTF?

For September's monthly league at my FLGS I decided to mix it up and play Tau.

I have to say I was very impressed with how well the army played. I went with a full-on Farsight Bomb. First, the list:

HQ: Farsight
HQ: Bodyguard (all have shield generators, HW target lock, HW drone controller. Suits with 2 systems have HW multi-trackers)
1: TL Plasma, Gun Drone, Shield Drone

2: TL Missile Pod, 2x gun drone

3: Plasma, Airburst, 2x gun drone

4: Plasma, cyclic Ion, 2x gun drone

5: Plasma, missile pod, gun drone, shield drone

6: TL Fusion, gun drone, shield drone

Troop: 8 Firewarriors, Shas'ui

Troop: 10 Firewarriors, Shas'ui

-Devilfish, Multi-tracker, disruption pod, flechette dischargers

Fast: 6 Pathfinders, 2x rail rilfe

-Devilfish, Multi-tracker, Disruption pod, flechette dischargers

Elite: 3x XV8

1: Team leader, HW drone controller, HW mult-tracker, HW target lock, TL flamers, missile pod, 2x gun drone
2: TL Burst cannon, shield generator

3: Burst cannon, flamer, multi-tracker

Heavy: Hammerhead, railgun, multi-tracker, disruption pod, flechette discharger, SMS

Heavy: 3xXV88
3x A.S.S Team leader with HW drone controller, HW target lock, 2x shield drone

I have to say that the Farsight unit, with 7 suits all with wound allocation plus 12 drones for ablative wounds is just unbelievably good. The drones suck up battlecannon and lascannon hits until you get into combat. Combined with every suit having a shield generator I really didn't have to fear anything! Move, shoot, move, brings me into assault range quickly, which is where I want to be. oh, btw, the total for the unit comes to 865pts!

The markerlights were so useful, I can't see ever playing without them again. The main job was taking out cover saves from vehicles so the broadsides could do their job. The rail rifles never did much, so I might drop them. But the flexibility is nice, and infiltrating quite often gave me side armor shots. And of course the devilfish for helping the flamer suits get on target.

Broadsides: OMG this unit is by far the champs of the Tau codex. I only wish I could take 3 units and farsight at the same time! So resiliant, so powerful in vehicle-heavy 5e..I love them! I was constantly amazed how well they did..taking out a LR and a rhino in one turn one game, and a manticore and a vendetta in one turn another.

Game 1:
vs Pedro Cantor marines. 2x sternguard, 2x tactical, 5 termies, 5 objectives
My opponent played everything in reserve. This reallly messed me up, and I didn't move to the objectives in time and the game ended on turn 5 before I could get there. I learned that being timid with the Farsight unit is a bad, bad idea. I think I was overly afraid of TH/SS termies.

Game 2:
vs IG 2 demolishers, 5 chimeras, 2 vendettas, etc, etc
Smashed him aside. The railguns just opened up the tin cans like crazy, and the drones took all the demolisher hits until I could take them out. Easy win

Game 3:
vs IG: 2 blobs, 2 vendettas, 3 LRBT
Again this really wasn't much of a challenge. farsight ran right at the IG and by the time he got there all the vehicles had been neutralized. My favorite part was using 2 markerlights and 10 firewarriors to kill 15 out of 20 guardsmen in one turn.

Game 4:
vs Blood Angels.
I lost this one, because I got hit by a blood talon dreadnought. He didn't do much damage but then I missed with all 4 of Farsight's hits, and the unit got caught in sweeping advance. before that I was doing really well, opening up the razorbacks and predators with ease. I'm sure I could have won or at least tied if farsight had opened up the Dread. This was the only game Farsight died.

Game 5;
Vs IG..again. 2 manticores, 2 vendettas, 2x 30 blobs, Straken
This was a great game, my opponent is a top notch player. It was tough and well fought. Again though, the vehicles were like tin foil and I got them all. Farsight took out both straken and an entire blob, and probably would have done the same to the 2nd blob if the game went past turn 5. ended a tie, but I think I was in a better position in the end. Low light was a single guardsman assaulting 8 firewarriors, killed 1 and then I failed to wound on 7 hits back, and the warriors died to sweeping advance...sigh.

So that put me at 2-2-1, and I got 4th place for the month! It was a lot of fun, I've never played a 800+ unit before and it was amazing, worth every single one. Farsight is a good threat to everyone, with that I5, WS5 and 4 base 2d6 armor pen.

Tau is an interesting army. They still have the best tank killer in the game (I'll take 72" range over 18" range and lance that can be canceled any day..sorry zoans) . With 5e being so vehicle-heavy, that means Tau has an advantage if you can figure out how to mitigate the glaring weaknesses. Farsight bomb is one way to do this. Not only a usable CC unit, it is incredibly resilient.

Now if only stimulant injector wasn't special issue..

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oh yes, please

Yamato 2010 trailer

First time I heard this, I was screaming FUCK YA! Starblazers was a huge part of my childhood, and to this day the only anime I can stand watching..yes I'm an anime hater :)

I can't stop watching the trailer, especially the part where they fire the wave-motion gun. I'll be waiting for a subbed version, even if I have to get a shitty telesync, with baited breath.

At it's core Yamato is about what it really means to be human, where we look at the abyss and refuse to go without a fight. Battlestar Galactica is the same idea, probably why I like it just as much.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

When stuff works right..

2000pts Tau vs IG

Another crushing victory for the Tau. Everything worked exactly as I would have liked. I'm having a lot of fun playing the Farsight hammer unit, it is a huge fire magnet which gives my broadsides a chance to deal some pain. If only I could take more then one unit and Farsight at the same time.

Pathfinders have been amazing, the marker lights have helped so much killing the easy cover save or increasing my BS. I'm thinking about dropping the rail rifles though and just going with 6 markerlights.

The real tank killing champs though are the Broadsides. I love this unit, they are probably the best thing in the Tau codex given the state of 5th edition. I'd like to try dropping farsight and going 9 of them, but I only have 4 and no way am I spending money on Tau until the next codex.

So what was so good? First the plethora of gun drones sucking up battle cannon and meltagun hits. Second, every suit with a 4+ invul and full wound allocation is almost impossible to kill. Then I get to shoot every suit at a different target if I wish. Lastly if I get near anything short of high-end assault units, Farsight will cut you apart.

This was also the first time my firewarriors really did anything, using 2 marker lights to give them BS2 double-tapping at guardsmen out in the open. 2's to hit, 2's to kill. Loved it. 20 shots, 15 dead.

I have a make-up game to get in, plus 1 final game. Then the Tau go back on the shelf until the rumored summer '11 codex release.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Island of Blood part 3

Island of Blood battles

Kids were at a sleepover and I was able to get in a pair of games with my cousin and a pair of IoB boxes. The reference sheet made such a difference. We worked our way through it, don't think we made too many mistakes that effected the outcome...forgot about the ranks and steadfast, but with LD5 it isn't a big deal, and didn't know about the lance on the princes. Had a lot of fun though, and I'm getting pretty interested in playing fantasy a lot more.

Not too excited about building an entire new army all at once though lol, not to mention I need a whole lot more core infantry...40 skellies and 40 zombies just isn't going to cut it.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Island of Blood reference

It looks like GW actually listened and put up a reference sheet for Island of Blood. I plan on playing a 2nd game asap now that I have it.

All I have to say is good job GW! Ya, it should have been in the box but it's out and I'm happy about it.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Quick review of Isle of Blood

My cousin and I broke out his IoB box today. I should note, neither one of us have ever played Fantasy before. We've read rules, watched instructional youtube videos (which were all 7th) but never actually played.

So after a tedious hour or two assembling the models, we wanted to try out a game with the stuff that came in the box.

And here is were we hit a wall.

There is no information in the IoB box that explains how to use the models in the box. There is no listing of wargear, there is no instructions for the engineer's pistol or weapons teams, and the stats in the back of the rulebook are incomplete. It was incredibly frustrating.

The only way we could actually play was load up army builder and generate armies and lists from what models were there. Still didn't get info on the pistol, though. If you know the rules, are playing either army, this box is amazing.

The models are great though, especially the griffon. I already have a sizable VC army to assemble, and would probably go with High elves if I was buying an army.

We did a few minor wargear changes (like giving the prince dragon armor). I went with lore of life on the HE mage, and rolled a 5...exactly what I wanted. Turned out to be the game changer too as my spearmen were being whittled down, but I raised 2 back up and the extra attacks turned a combat and I ran down a unit of clan rats. After that it was just a mop up.

I did enjoy it, but I am not clear on one thing. When declaring a charge, we assumed because of the free 90 degree wheel you can declare against anything within that 180 degree arc. I'm not sure that is correct.

Anyway overall ratings:
Contents: 5 stars
As a standalone starter game: 1 star.

Sunday, September 5, 2010



Finished building and basing my kans. Gotta say this is a great kit by GW, probably the easiest and best one of theirs I've ever worked on. Very low cleanup, very dynamically posable, great looking mini's, and a good value on top of it all.

Put together a preliminary Kan Wall list. The idea is simple. Line up 9 kans in front of a horde, advance forward under supporting fire from lootas. I would like to fit in Snikrot, but that means fewer scoring models.

HQ: Mek, KFF, Burna, Cybork
HQ: Mek, KFF, PK, Squig, cybork, 'eavy armor

Troop: 30 sluggas, 3x rokkit, nob w/PK&BP
Troop: 30 shootas, 3x rokkit, Nob w/PK&BP
Troop: 20 sluggas, 2x rokkit, Nob w/PK&BP
Troop: 20 shootas, 2x rokkit, Nob w/PK&BP

Elite: 15 lootas
Elite: 15 lootas

Heavy: 3x Kan, Rokkits
Heavy: 3x Kan, Rokkits
Heavy: 3x Kan, Grotzookas

Friday, August 27, 2010

Slowing down a lot, but soon to speed up again.


I have not done much since OFCC. I've been killing myself for the last year to get the army done. Now that the event is over, I'm able to better pace myself.

Since OFCC ended, I have finished my 3 FW nob bikers. After that I took 2 of my other nob bikers (which were used as biker leaders) and did some more work on the paint. I took them from a basecoat to washed and highlighted, and based. Now I have a full 5 nob bikers ready to go.

However it may be a while before I actually play them. Next month I plan on playing Tau simply because I haven't in a very long time.

Tau army video

So what's in the pipeline? Well first, I have prepped and primed 8 more boys for my latest shoota boy squad, 7 shootas and 1 rokkit. I might actually do some big shootas for them as well, but I doubt it, and at least I'll finish up the 30 first.

Second, is a land speeder I am doing for a charity army through the 40k radio forums. It's going to be Ultramarines which is super easy to paint. Easier then Necrons.

I also have pulled out my Mephiston model and threatened to paint that. But so far, it's only a threat.

Even though I only took 2nd last month, it was still enough to get another box of kans. I now have 2 unopened boxes so I can max out.

I have to pull out 5 more bikers and get them set up and ready to join the nob squad.

Finally, I want to do a few airbrush videos and I have my ME262 for that. It's practice as I plan on doing both the speeder and the kans with the airbrush.

More to come..

Friday, August 20, 2010

Thursday, August 19, 2010

OFCC, Part 1

OFCC Battle Reports video

So OFCC is over. I took my Blood Angels to a 4-1 record. Overall the team went 11-7-2, combined with paint and sportsmanship scores earned us a 7th or 8th (don't have final results yet) overall and 3rd best general. Not a bad showing, considering I was the only one who had been to a single previous OFCC. I was told by several people I had one of the top painted armies at the event, which made be very, very happy. To be honest, while there were many well painted armies, but many were just at minimum standard.

First thing to remember is that OFCC isn't about beating the crap out of people. Sportsmanship scores count equally to battle points..40% battle, 40% sportsmanship and 20% painting. Given that, I didn't do very well. I won my games, and by a wide margin. I either did, or came very close to, table in all 4 games I won. I'll talk more about the game I lost later.

First thing I noticed, is that my dreadnoughts were complete wrecking machines. Those 2 models carried a lot of the load. The second game, I played an infantry-heavy IG list with only 4 tanks and a lot of special weapons. The dreads were completely overpowered against that list. The last game, against 'nids, those 2 models would have walked all over everything if not for weapon destroyed results taking out a talon on each. even without that, they still won me the game. In that 5th game, both my tactical squad and my rhino assault squad did *nothing* the whole game.

Next, was my jump pack assault squad. This unit is just awesome. Fast, lots of hitting power, lots of resiliency, psychic defense, it's got it all. Not a true hammer unit, but still very good at what it does. 3 melta + blood lance is a lot of firepower as well.

Let's talk about Baals. These, as well, were quite effective especially against infantry. They even killed a couple vehicles, including a chaos dread in game 1. Making lootas run in game 4 was huge, as well as killing Zoanthropes in game 5.

Now the other effective unit was my Death Company, again smashing infantry like crazy. They even added the final punch that killed the Nob Bikers in game 4. I was never once disappointed with either their effectiveness or durability. They killed a lot of 'nids, that's for sure. Overpriced? Maybe, but they don't suck as much as everyone thinks they do. Rage was pretty much a non-factor the entire weekend.

II did not field a super competitive list by any stretch of the imagination..I mean who runs Blood Angels tactical squads? It was a decent, strong list without being over the top.

More to come..

Friday, August 13, 2010

Adicted to podcasts.

So recently I picked up a new phone plan and a new phone, Blackberry Curve. It was free. I never thought I'd have any need for a smartphone but I've found it not only useful but almost indispensable. Just having all my emails go to one spot, with me at all times, has been fantastic.

I've never really been into podcasts because I havn't had the time or opportunity to listen to any. The BB has changed that. With a cool app that manages podcast I've now filled 2gb+ of 40k and atheism podcasts. Mostly 40k.

So currently subscribed:
-Atheist experience
-The non-prophets

-The Independent Characters
-The Overlords
-Dice Like Thunder
-Imperial Vox Cast
-40k radio (of course!)
-The 11th Company

I need a bigger sd card :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

OFCC Blood Angels army now complete

Army list video

After doing touchups and adding infernus pistols to my priests, the army is done and ready to play this weekend.

HQ(125): Librarian, Jump Pack
Shield of Sanguinius
Blood Lance

Troop(271): Tactical Squad (10): Fist, Combi-melta, Meltagun, Lascannon
-Rhino w/Searchlight
Troop(225): Assault Squad (10): Fist, 2x Meltagun
Troop(208): Assault Squad (9): Power weapon, flamer (Remove jump packs)
-Rhino w/Searchlight
Troop(226): Death Company (8), 4xBP/Chainswords, 3x bolter, 1xBP/Power weapon
-Rhino w/Searchlight
Troop(170): Death Company Dreadnought, Blood Talons, Heavy flamer
-Drop Pod

Elite(185): Sanginary High Priests (2)
#1: Jump Pack, Power Weapon, Infernus pistol
#2: Power Weapon, Infernus Pistol

Elite(200): Furioso Dreadnought, Blood Talons, Heavy Flamer, extra armor, Magna-Grapple
-Drop Pod

Fast attack(145): Baal Predator, HB sponsoons
Fast attack(145): Baal Predator, HB Sponsoons
Fast Attack(100): Attack Bikes, 2x Multi-Melta

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Death Company

Couple pics of the Death Company as I will be fielding them at OFCC

1 w/BP & power weapon
3 w/Bolter
4 w/BP and chainsword
Rhino w/Searchlight

Oh, I'm soooo tired of painting Blood Angels

I literally had to force myself to paint my last 4 death company today, but I got them done. Just need to clear coat and they will be ready. Last night I built the frame for my display board, so all that is left is gluing magnets to the bases of my infantry.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Nob Bikers Part 2

Finished building the bikers, made bases and got them primed. Now I have to finish my Death Company before I start in on these.

Friday, August 6, 2010

A smashing return for the Orks!

2000pts Orks vs Marines

Or, how to play with more bodies then your opponent has bullets.

I came up with what I consider a "wacky" list and I really wanted to play it. I got paired up first week in August against Jesse, who I've played plenty of times before with his green marines.

My list:

HQ: Mek, KFF, Cybork, Burna
HQ: Mek, SAG, Cybork, Bosspole, ammo runt.

Troop: Dread, 2xskorcha, armor, riggers
Troop: Dread, 2xbig shoota, armor, riggers
Troop: 30 sluggas, 3x rokkit, nob w/PK&BP
Troop: 30 sluggas, 3x rokkit, nob w/PK&BP
Troop: 30 shootas, 3x rokkit, nob w/PK&BP
Troop: 19 Grots + Runtherd

Elite: 15 lootas
Elite: 8 Lootas

Fast: 3x Buggies, TL Rokkits

Heavy: 3xKans rokkits
Heavy: 3xKannon, 3xammo runts
Heavy: 3xlobba, 3xammo runts

Count it: that's 18 S8 AP3 shots a turn, 6 of which are at BS3 and 3 more are twin-linked, on top of the 23-69 S7 AP4 shots. Who says Orks can't shoot???

It was a slaughter. I lost my lobbas, one dread, 18 shootas, half my grots, and about 10 other models total. He was left with an immobilized speeder, 4 marines, and a predator that was about to get ripped open by a Dread.

On top of that, I completely forgot I had buggies in the list and they never even made it out of the I played 100pts down.

I did learn a couple things. First, it's way to easy to bottleneck myself with a list like this. First thing I did was move my grot wall that got deployed in terrain..a 1 and a 3. Really put a damper on moving up other things. Second, trying to keep the walkers in effective positions and in range of the KFF isn't easy. Last, putting 8 lootas with the SAG mek was a stroke of brilliance, if I do say so myself. And I do :)

So next week I'll either be playing IG, Blood Angels or 'nids. I really want to play 'nids or BA, because I have yet to do either with my Orks.