Thursday, August 19, 2010

OFCC, Part 1

OFCC Battle Reports video

So OFCC is over. I took my Blood Angels to a 4-1 record. Overall the team went 11-7-2, combined with paint and sportsmanship scores earned us a 7th or 8th (don't have final results yet) overall and 3rd best general. Not a bad showing, considering I was the only one who had been to a single previous OFCC. I was told by several people I had one of the top painted armies at the event, which made be very, very happy. To be honest, while there were many well painted armies, but many were just at minimum standard.

First thing to remember is that OFCC isn't about beating the crap out of people. Sportsmanship scores count equally to battle points..40% battle, 40% sportsmanship and 20% painting. Given that, I didn't do very well. I won my games, and by a wide margin. I either did, or came very close to, table in all 4 games I won. I'll talk more about the game I lost later.

First thing I noticed, is that my dreadnoughts were complete wrecking machines. Those 2 models carried a lot of the load. The second game, I played an infantry-heavy IG list with only 4 tanks and a lot of special weapons. The dreads were completely overpowered against that list. The last game, against 'nids, those 2 models would have walked all over everything if not for weapon destroyed results taking out a talon on each. even without that, they still won me the game. In that 5th game, both my tactical squad and my rhino assault squad did *nothing* the whole game.

Next, was my jump pack assault squad. This unit is just awesome. Fast, lots of hitting power, lots of resiliency, psychic defense, it's got it all. Not a true hammer unit, but still very good at what it does. 3 melta + blood lance is a lot of firepower as well.

Let's talk about Baals. These, as well, were quite effective especially against infantry. They even killed a couple vehicles, including a chaos dread in game 1. Making lootas run in game 4 was huge, as well as killing Zoanthropes in game 5.

Now the other effective unit was my Death Company, again smashing infantry like crazy. They even added the final punch that killed the Nob Bikers in game 4. I was never once disappointed with either their effectiveness or durability. They killed a lot of 'nids, that's for sure. Overpriced? Maybe, but they don't suck as much as everyone thinks they do. Rage was pretty much a non-factor the entire weekend.

II did not field a super competitive list by any stretch of the imagination..I mean who runs Blood Angels tactical squads? It was a decent, strong list without being over the top.

More to come..


  1. Hi there,

    Watched the videos and found them very good. I wa wondering what you would recommend for someone that has never been to a tourny to do to prepare for one. Im not worried about top paint or taking first over all, i just want to have fun and have a decent showing. I am currently at war over what army to play in the tourney, i have orks and wolves, and a very small starter army of tau.
    any suggestions would be awesome.

  2. Two most important things: Get sleep, drink water.

    I would take wolves, depending on what you're playing they are a very competitive army.