Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Third edition stormboyz

Stay home orders have me looking for projects.  I've had these models sitting on the table for a while, after stripping. Plus I had a brand new set I bought about a year ago.

I had bought Kromlech punk heads but they are too big for the boys.  I did another old project, replacing the incorrect heads on my Kommandos with the proper gas mask heads and used the iron heads for these.

I only had 20 completed so I took 10 of the models and finished them up to get a full unit.  Now it's time to re-base the other 20.  They don't need any refurbishment just bases.

after going through the 20 they have a bunch of cool bases, including resin, I'll re-purpose for some of the crappy bases I have on my Grots.

I'll probably also replace the Nob's metal arms with plastic. That's something I frequently do.  It saves weight and makes the nob more stable... especially on 32mm bases. And maybe a punk head. 

I still need to finish painting the warkopta but not sure exactly how I'll attack it yet.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Bad Moonz repaints and re-basing

I finished the Shootaboyz tonight and man that got tedious near the end. I had to force myself to finish!  But after a shot of Dul-Cote I'm quite happy.

So I've now refurbished and re-based all my Lootas and 2 units of Shootaboyz.  I don't have any plans to re-paint anything else as a new Kulture and since I only play one I don't think it's much of an issue.  Of the models I have in my current list the Gorkanaut, the mek gunz and the planes have clan paint jobs that aren't Bad Moonz. 

The other lootas and shootaboyz are not klan specific.

On a side note these Boyz use to be slugga boyz but were converted to shootas in October 2012.