Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Third edition stormboyz

Stay home orders have me looking for projects.  I've had these models sitting on the table for a while, after stripping. Plus I had a brand new set I bought about a year ago.

I had bought Kromlech punk heads but they are too big for the boys.  I did another old project, replacing the incorrect heads on my Kommandos with the proper gas mask heads and used the iron heads for these.

I only had 20 completed so I took 10 of the models and finished them up to get a full unit.  Now it's time to re-base the other 20.  They don't need any refurbishment just bases.

after going through the 20 they have a bunch of cool bases, including resin, I'll re-purpose for some of the crappy bases I have on my Grots.

I'll probably also replace the Nob's metal arms with plastic. That's something I frequently do.  It saves weight and makes the nob more stable... especially on 32mm bases. And maybe a punk head. 

I still need to finish painting the warkopta but not sure exactly how I'll attack it yet.

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