Saturday, December 27, 2014

On the bench: Blood Angels tactical marines

The new codex has me painting my long-forgotten Blood Angel tactical squad.  I still don't want to play with them. And no, scouts are not a good answer either.

The first 5 are done, all bolter guys.  One of the models is a plasma cannon but that is getting done up as a devastator instead. I plan on getting a box of Sternguard and using the heavy flamer out of that to go with this tactical squad.

These guys I got in a trade and took a lot of work to get cleaned up enough to paint. Still not perfect.  Two of them are snap-fit guys not sure from where.  The rest got a Blood Angels shoulder pad from the death company kit.

After this unit is done and the Sternguard (plus another drop pod) are done, I might not do any more BA. A full bike unit with grav guns is something I am considering for later down the road.

Besides, I don't know how long my Blood Red will last.

Anyway, that's it for now. Not many posts this month as I've been busy painting. My BA take a long time to paint.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

So I break out the Blood Angels..I still hate tactical squads.

Just open gaming for December so I decided to break out my Blood Angels.  Picked up a game also against Blood Angels.

My list:

Baal Strike Force

HQ: Priest
HQ: Priest w/jump pack

Troop: Tacticals x10, combi-plasma, plasma gun, heavy flamer, drop pod
Troop: Tacticals x 9, combi-melta, melta, rhino

Elite: Death Company x 10, 8x bolter, 2x power swords, rhino

Fast: 10 RAS, 2x melta, Vet w/fist
Fast: 2x Attack Bikes, 2x MM

Heavy: Devastators x6, 4x ML, Las-Plas Razorback
Heavy: Pred, lascannon sponsoons, overcharged engines
Heavy: Baal Pred, Heavy bolters

LoW: Dante

My opponent:
Combined Arms
HQ: Libby Dred, meltagun
HQ: Mephiston

Troop: 10 tacticals, vet w/fist, combi-melta, meltagun, MM, drop pod
Troop: 10 tacticals, heavy flamer, plasmagun, rhino

Elite: 10 death company, 2x power swords, fist

Fast: 10 RAS, 2x melta, Vet w/fist
Heavy: Baal Pred, Flamestorm
Heavy: Stormraven, AC/MM

Rolled Big Guns never tire, dawn of war.


End of turn 1:

End of turn 2:
End of turn 3:

End of turn 4:
 End of Game:

I have to say the combination of furious charge, +1 WS from the priest and +1 initiative from the formation is quite the amazing combination. 

Dante is an absolute beast!   He gets boosted by the priest and the formation as well, resulting in WS, strength and Initiative 7 on the charge...with 6 attacks.  WOWSERS!  Also now that he has eternal warrior he can tank for the whole squad. 

Death Company are pretty darn awesome too. I think a full unit with jump packs is a real powerhouse that can be on their own and do a lot of damage and/or soak up a lot of firepower.

I still hate tactical marines and am still pissed to no end that I have to take them.  Also I'm sure there is enough low-ap shooting out there to really deal a lot of wounds unlike what we had in this game.

The new book is better then the old one, no doubt. But just like in the Ork codex there seems to be an awful lot of change for change's sake, which is just plain dumb.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Showcase: Meganobz

Over the last week I've been painting Meganobz and watching Agents of SHIELD and Arrow.  It's pretty tedious with all the little magnetized bits to do as well.

I used Tin Bitz, which is now out of production but I have enough to use for a few more models.

Big Mek w/KFF

Big Mek w/Telyporta

I also went through and touched up my existing metal Meganobz, and then hit them with varnish.

Lastly, a comparison.  Metal on the left, plastic on the right.  The plastics are slightly bigger

Monday, December 1, 2014

Showcase: Evil Sunz custom Trukk

Finally finished the Trukk that goes with my Evil Sunz shootaboys.

It's absolutely fantastic.  I love the work I did on the model, giving it the single rear axle and the most-of-a-hood.  The base color is Vallejo Model Air Metallic black and I did chipping with the hairspray method. Color is Mephiston Red.   Not much else to say, just pics.