Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nob bikers are still ridiculously good.

Played in my 2nd tournament of the month.

Modified my list slightly, dropping 2 lootas for a 2nd pk and kombi-skorcha in the nobs. Final list was:

HQ: Warboss, pk, squig, cybork, bike
HQ: Mek, KFF, burna, cybork

Troop: 5 nob bikers, 2xpk, 1x kombi-skorcha, painboy, wagh! banner, big choppa, bosspole, grot orderly, wound allocated.
Troop: 30 Shootas, 3x rokkit, nob w/PK&BP
Troop: 30 Shootas, 3x rokkit, nob w/PK&BP

Elite: 9 lootas
Elite: 9 lootas

Heavy: 3x Lobba, 3x ammo runts, 2x extra crew (had 6pts left over).

I wasn't quite happy about not having a screening unit, but I came to the conclusion I would use 1 unit of shootas to screen the 2nd if worse came to worse.

However I completely, utterly wrecked face getting 48 out of a possible 51 points, with 2nd place having 37.

First game vs Mech IG. Dawn of war, I had my nobs just outside meltagun range of stuff coming on the edge. I then got a 2nd turn multi-assault and proceded to wreck half his army with just the nobs. Won on objectives as one of the boys were basically untouched. I lost 1 nob, and 27 models out of 1 boy squad.

Second game vs CSM. The nobs killed off 2 demon princes and 5 terminators before finally falling themselves. It was the only unit I lost the whole game. All he had left was a blastmaster and 2 oblits. Won on killpoints 7-1.

Third game vs Mechdar. I got first turn, lootas brought down 2 tanks before they even got to move. After that it was all downhill. He called it at the middle of 5, as all he had was an immobilized falcon, a stunned waveserpent and 4 pinned firedragons. I had lost only my lobbas and 1 unit of lootas. Won on objectives.

The nob bikers were completely over the top the entire day, totally obliterating everything they touched and refusing to die until it was far too late. The lobbas were again, completely ace. First game wiping out 2 infantry units. 2nd game putting a crapton of wounds on thousand sons, eventually killing 7 out of 9. Third game wiped out a unit of Dire Avengers and pinning firedragons.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Time to face the music.

Yep. I might need glasses. I guess it happens when you get old. I am having intermittent trouble focusing on my models when painting. Problem is I can't afford glasses...I don't have optical coverage on my health insurance. I haven't needed it before!

Last night I was painting nob bikers without any real problem. So it's kinda freaking me out that sometimes I can see fine, other times I can't focus on anything small hardly at all. week..

Monday, March 21, 2011

Terrain done.

Wow this was way more work then I expected. The trees which were the inspiration were not that bad, the clay work on those didn't take long. The rest of it though was far more time intensive then I wanted.

The biggest time sink was probably the vines and plants. After getting the base done with Spackle, I decided that having just trees wouldn't work. So I spent the next few hours sculpting, baking and gluing plants, leaves and vines. Ugh. However the result was more then worth it.

I don't know how people crank out terrain. This was days of work, for just 1 piece.

Anyway next project is a Hawk Lords marine. After that more razorback, nob bikers and death company dreadnought.

And finally a unit of Firewarriors move through the swamp

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Another game. I really need a new camera

Running the league at my FLGS is kinda bumming me out, not enough games in. I did get a pickup game in tonight, against CSM with my Blood Angels. Wasn't even close, but I did warn him I had a cheesy list before we started :P I really thought about using my Blackberry for filming it, but decided against it.

HQ: Mephiston
Troop: 10 Assault marines, fist, 2x melta
Troop: 5 Assault Marines, power weapon, melta, Las-plas razorback
Troop: 5 Assault Marines, power weapon, melta, Las-plas razorback

Elite: Furioso, talons, heavy flamer, armor
Elite: 2 priest, one with jump pack and power weapon, one with terminator armor
Elite: 5 Assault terminators, 3xTH/SS, 2xDLC

Fast: Baal Pred, HB

Heavy: Devastators, 4x ML
Heavy: Pred, LC
Heavy: Stormraven, MM, Assault Cannons

Not bad for 2k actually. It's the 2nd time I've had this list and both times it was a tabling for me with minimal losses. First game against Tyrannids I lost one predator, 2 jump marines, a MSU squad and had one las-plas immobilized. This game against 10 terminators, 2 defilers, a lord and a lash prince I lost Mephiston, both priests, a couple devastators, and all but the sgt out of the jump pack squad.

I love the assault terminators. This is a real power unit.

I should post up some afterthoughts about the tournament I played last Saturday. I might do that sometime when I'm not tired.

More terrain piece incoming. I would like to finish it this weekend.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Starting a new project.

So I am putting the mini's on hold for a bit because I need a break. Instead I am going to spend the next couple of weeks on a terrain piece. A youtube user by the name of terrainoob has a challenge going on for a tree stand. I've decided to do an alien/swampy tree stand to go with my Tau army.

I am doing a bunch of stuff off the deep end. I am making the tress with soldered-together brass rod covered in sculpey. This is my prototype, which could be called a sapling.

Tonight I cut up a bunch of rod with a dremmel. After my tournament tomorrow, I'm going to get going putting it together, with a video tutorial.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Time for some building

Finally finished my assault terminators and priest. I also finally got to use these guys in a game, all they did was take out a tyrannofex before it got to swing, and then a whole lot of gaunts but I can really see the potential of these guys. FNP/Furious Charging assault terminators, who wouldn't want that!?!??

The shoulder pad is blank for now, until I figure out what I want there, and practice doing it.

Getting a bit burned on painting, so doing some assembly. First, built 2 nob bikers with kombi-skorchas, one with a pk one with a big choppa. Yes they are just burnas glued to the side of the bike. But it works!

Then I finally put together my Furioso dreadnought, as a death company dread. Awesome kit.

Next up is a terrain piece...more to come on that!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Assault Terminators progress

Making good progress on the arms. I knew it wouldn't take long once I sat down and actually worked on them. I still have not figured out how I want to paint the hammer heads themselves, so they are still black.

I also finished the last death company guy, so that gives me 10 so I can run 2 DC dreads.

Next up is the terminator sanguinary priest.