Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Another game. I really need a new camera

Running the league at my FLGS is kinda bumming me out, not enough games in. I did get a pickup game in tonight, against CSM with my Blood Angels. Wasn't even close, but I did warn him I had a cheesy list before we started :P I really thought about using my Blackberry for filming it, but decided against it.

HQ: Mephiston
Troop: 10 Assault marines, fist, 2x melta
Troop: 5 Assault Marines, power weapon, melta, Las-plas razorback
Troop: 5 Assault Marines, power weapon, melta, Las-plas razorback

Elite: Furioso, talons, heavy flamer, armor
Elite: 2 priest, one with jump pack and power weapon, one with terminator armor
Elite: 5 Assault terminators, 3xTH/SS, 2xDLC

Fast: Baal Pred, HB

Heavy: Devastators, 4x ML
Heavy: Pred, LC
Heavy: Stormraven, MM, Assault Cannons

Not bad for 2k actually. It's the 2nd time I've had this list and both times it was a tabling for me with minimal losses. First game against Tyrannids I lost one predator, 2 jump marines, a MSU squad and had one las-plas immobilized. This game against 10 terminators, 2 defilers, a lord and a lash prince I lost Mephiston, both priests, a couple devastators, and all but the sgt out of the jump pack squad.

I love the assault terminators. This is a real power unit.

I should post up some afterthoughts about the tournament I played last Saturday. I might do that sometime when I'm not tired.

More terrain piece incoming. I would like to finish it this weekend.

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