Monday, March 21, 2011

Terrain done.

Wow this was way more work then I expected. The trees which were the inspiration were not that bad, the clay work on those didn't take long. The rest of it though was far more time intensive then I wanted.

The biggest time sink was probably the vines and plants. After getting the base done with Spackle, I decided that having just trees wouldn't work. So I spent the next few hours sculpting, baking and gluing plants, leaves and vines. Ugh. However the result was more then worth it.

I don't know how people crank out terrain. This was days of work, for just 1 piece.

Anyway next project is a Hawk Lords marine. After that more razorback, nob bikers and death company dreadnought.

And finally a unit of Firewarriors move through the swamp

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