Sunday, June 29, 2014

Even more Mek Gun scratch builds!

I've finished building 10 Mek Gun Chassis.  I had a problem coming up with wheels, but found some perfect ones on a dollar store quad bike. $2 later I have 8 wheels to finish the last 4 chassis.

Also looking through the toys I found an action figure with a cool looking gun.  Only this one type of gun however, and I think it fits best as a smasha gun . It should paint up real nice especially with some plasma/OSL airbrush work.

I'll keep looking through cheap toys, if I can't find anything I'll just get more of these and modify them for tracktor kannons and kustom mega-cannons.

I'll be working on the paint on these guys slowly, as not only did I pick up another commission, but I am also thinking I need more mek models..

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Mek Guns - 5 now completed!

Lots of work done!  5 total guns are now complete.  I'm starting to run out of materials lol.

The first two guns are made with extendable arms so they can be towed. Just so happens the Trukk kit has a hook on the back that's perfect for the job!

No effect in game, but will look cool on the display board!

I need to come up with more ideas for wheels, but I may end up just getting more Trukk wheels off ebay.

Quick update, more soon!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Scratch building Ork Mek Guns

Codex isn't even out yet..hell the model isn't even officially released yet but I love Ork artillery so much that I will continue to use them after the book comes out.

I did notice the GW website does not say the new kit can make the old Big Guns - Lobbas, kannon and zzap.  I hope that does not mean these options are going to be removed in favor of the new options.  I mean lobbas are not only the best current option but are just flat-out amazing overall.  In units of 5 they could be just insane.

I can see the zzap gun going away though, as the Smasha gun is obviously superior.  But to think the Bubble Chukka would be a replacement for lobbas is insane. I'll literally cry if I lose my lobbas!

In the spirit of fair play, I can't keep using my current models. It's not like I have the old metal Big Guns models..everything i have is converted or scratch built and way undersized even compared to even the old models. So it's time for an upgrade..both in stature and style.

I'm really happy so far on how these are coming out. I'll have to come up with repeatable ides for the rest of the guns..I'm hoping to find something to loot from the dollar store or something to they can be easily repeatable.

These take about, oh 3-4 hours each to build. I am also cannibalizing my old Lobbas for wheels and bits. My goal will be to eventually have 10 (maybe more) guns..4-5 lobbas, 4 tracktor cannons, 4 smasha guns and 2-3 Kustom Mega-kannons as options.  Right now I don't have any money for additional parts so I'll go with what I have.  I might get more Trukk wheels..I do like the look of them for sure.

Anyway, pics!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Stratch built Ork Void Shield Generator

Yep, the build is done. I need to hit the wood with sanding sealer, but that's it.

I'm incredibly happy with how it came out, and the cost of this is so low as to be almost trivial.     The center is more of the bits from the power plant kit, and they will be painted like the power plant terrain piece, as if one of the lines going into the ground comes up and powers the VSG.

Anyway, pics.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Next project, day 2..

Figured out what it is yet?

Orkifying round things is a lot harder then flat things.

On to the next project!

With the Riptide done, my next project is under way, one I've been wanting to do for a while.

What is it? Guess!

More to come!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Riptide Complete!

I know the Tau codex has been out a while, but I've only been able to get a riptide a couple months ago, and now I've finally finished painting it.

I just went with the same color scheme as the rest of my Tau of course, doing it similar to my Crisis suits.  I did do the edge highlighting, which is something my first round (which is a vast majority of the army) did not get.  Someday if I care I'll go back and touch-up/highlight/varnish my army.  Today is not that day.

This is such an awesome model.  It does take quite a bit of work to paint though, being so large. I don't know what I'm gong to do when I run out of Fenris Grey though..

On to the next project!  I plan on finally painting up my Longstrike next.  Then it will be time to come up with something for Mek Guns.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Op Ed: Good move GW, NOW the excitement builds!

So just about 36 hours ago I posted that I was really 'Meh' about the Ork releases so far and not very excited for the new codex.

Oh, how much changed in a few hours.

So today was leaked the next White Dwarf with the stats of the new Big Guns - renamed Mek Guns - and oh boy is the news good. I really hope these stats carry over to the codex unchanged. They are AMAZING.

So they are still artillery, with the T7 and still come with 2 grots each - still no grot blastas though.  However the base price drops to 18 pts each for kannon.  That's only a drop of 2 pts each. But they can upgrade to lobbas - for free! That's a 7pt per model reduction!! Zzap guns are only a 5pt upgrade.

Did I mention they can now go up to a unit of 5. FIVE. FIVE LOBBAS.

You know how much I love lobbas. They've always been a hell of a good buy and very useful. My cousin learned the hard way one game when I killed 15 guardsmen in a single volley.  heh.

But now I can have 5 in a unit? For less?  Ammo runts are limited to one per model, but that means up to 5 ammo runs.

A unit of 5 lobbas, with 5 runts is just 105 pts. Only 21 more then the unit I field now.  For 2 extra shots and 2 extra ammo runts.

oh. my. Gork.  I have to get this new WD.

There are also 4 new guns options, at 12pts per model upgrade. 1 is ..not that great. the other three though are each VERY good. 

That means a full unit of 5 with 5 runts will run a *mere* 165 pts.

All 4 have 36" range with BS3.

First is the Bubblechucka. It's a large blast and both strength and ap are D6. However it's one roll for S1 Ap1, S3 Ap3, etc.  Not that useful. However if the die rolls were separate  - potentially S6 AP1 - then it would be good.  Still, not too many large blasts in the Ork army for just 30pts..

Now for the good stuff.

Smasha gun: S4+D6, AP1.  AP FREAKING 1!! with an average S of 7-8 - and potentially 10, that is a huge addition to the Ork army.  A unit of these can do a lot of damage to Wraithknights...

Kustom Mega-kannon.  S8 AP2 blast, gets hot!  Plasma cannons on steroids!  Just more of exactly what we needed..reliable, high S low AP shooting.

and the creme de la creme.

Traktor kannon: S8 AP3, skyfire with the special ability traktor:  when shooting a zooming flyer they score an additional immobilized result on any glance or pen. 

Read that again. I had to, to believe it.  Don't forget, in 7th ed flyers have a 1/3 chance to crash and burn on an immobilized results.  That means these guns, on a single glance, can kill any flyer.  Say that again.  Slowly, and let it sink in.

Did I mention that isn't all? anytime a FMC is wounded by one, they take a grounding check at -3.  That means only on a 6 does it keep flying. 

Lootas have been for a long time one of the best anti-air units in the game. Now, they are nothing compared to traktor cannons.

The new kit is pretty cool too, I might pick up one for bits and grots.  They are a lot bigger then the previous metal Big Guns so I can't in good conscience use my current models.

I need 10, with all the weapon options. Maybe 15.  I can see running 5 lobbas, 5 traktor kannons and 5 mega-kannons. That is a LOT of fire power for 435pts.

Time to get working. I have a LOT of scratch-building to do.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Op Ed: Flash Gitz and what is GW doing?

After 6 1/2 years you would think I couldn't contain my excitement for a new Ork Codex.    I love my Orks. I loved Orks back in the 90's when I started playing them, and I love them every time I play.  I love playing a horde, I love playing battle wagon rush, I love throwing so many dice at a target I can't hold them in my hands.

I don't know if it's the excruciatingly slow ramp up to the codex, or the "meh" Flash Gitz, or the lack of funds to buy a Gorkanaugt that has me down.  Sure, I've got some (in perspective, minor) issues going in IRL but not enough that I can't easily handle. 

I just don't seem overly excited yet.  I know what the competitive field is like and what it's going to take for Orks to join the competitive ranks.  I just want the army to be GOOD. Not necessarily TauDar or 44 psychic dice eye-rolling good. Just solid. and Orky.  Yes, Orky is a real word. I even added it my Firefox dictionary!!

Maybe the next 2 weeks things will change. I'm not sure.

The Flash Gitz models are ...fantastic. Pure and simple.  The guns are awesome.  I'm not into the freeboota thing much, especially with my preference for Blood Axes, but even with that they look like a great model to work on.  I might even work on converting some up..finally. 

The rules...are meh. Just meh. Sure, they are a TON better then in the last codex, but they were just so bad before that any improvement at all would be significant.  The biggest thing of course is being able to have a dedicated transport.  The 3 shots at S5 isn't bad, especially when 50% of the time you're penetrating Space Marine armor.  The are still spendy and now even more fragile.  But with 'ere we go, S5 on the charge at 4 attacks each they could actually be a very effective unit especially coupled with a Warboss. 

Just some quick calculations, 5 of these staying still and getting AP3 or less should kill 5 marines.  Then charge in and kill 2 more. That's not bad.  Not great, but not bad.

Other rumors are trickling out. Just rumors, but so far, as I expected, there won't be many big changes.  Like with the Tau codex, not much was actually changed. But the changes that were made, added up to a lot. That's what I'm really hoping for in the new codex, a lot of little changes that add up to a significant boost.

oh, and don't worry, there will be many videos on the new codex.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Riptide Work in progress

While waiting on the Kill Krusha, I've been making good progress with the riptide.

Of course I've been painting this to match the rest of my Tau. I still have quite a bit of the colors I use. I don't know what I'm going to do when I run out of Fenris Grey. Also my Astronomicon Grey isn't in great shape.

It's actually a lot of work to paint this large of a model, with all this detail, with a brush.  But using an airbrush is also not feasible since there is so much black areas as well. 

After the primer I dry brushed the entire model with Codex Grey, to save time doing edge highlighting on the black. It turned out just about perfect.

Blood Axe Kill Krusha complete!

After a week of waiting for the oil washes to dry, I finished it up today.

Just pics. 

That's it.  Working on my Riptide for now.