Monday, June 9, 2014

Op Ed: Good move GW, NOW the excitement builds!

So just about 36 hours ago I posted that I was really 'Meh' about the Ork releases so far and not very excited for the new codex.

Oh, how much changed in a few hours.

So today was leaked the next White Dwarf with the stats of the new Big Guns - renamed Mek Guns - and oh boy is the news good. I really hope these stats carry over to the codex unchanged. They are AMAZING.

So they are still artillery, with the T7 and still come with 2 grots each - still no grot blastas though.  However the base price drops to 18 pts each for kannon.  That's only a drop of 2 pts each. But they can upgrade to lobbas - for free! That's a 7pt per model reduction!! Zzap guns are only a 5pt upgrade.

Did I mention they can now go up to a unit of 5. FIVE. FIVE LOBBAS.

You know how much I love lobbas. They've always been a hell of a good buy and very useful. My cousin learned the hard way one game when I killed 15 guardsmen in a single volley.  heh.

But now I can have 5 in a unit? For less?  Ammo runts are limited to one per model, but that means up to 5 ammo runs.

A unit of 5 lobbas, with 5 runts is just 105 pts. Only 21 more then the unit I field now.  For 2 extra shots and 2 extra ammo runts.

oh. my. Gork.  I have to get this new WD.

There are also 4 new guns options, at 12pts per model upgrade. 1 is ..not that great. the other three though are each VERY good. 

That means a full unit of 5 with 5 runts will run a *mere* 165 pts.

All 4 have 36" range with BS3.

First is the Bubblechucka. It's a large blast and both strength and ap are D6. However it's one roll for S1 Ap1, S3 Ap3, etc.  Not that useful. However if the die rolls were separate  - potentially S6 AP1 - then it would be good.  Still, not too many large blasts in the Ork army for just 30pts..

Now for the good stuff.

Smasha gun: S4+D6, AP1.  AP FREAKING 1!! with an average S of 7-8 - and potentially 10, that is a huge addition to the Ork army.  A unit of these can do a lot of damage to Wraithknights...

Kustom Mega-kannon.  S8 AP2 blast, gets hot!  Plasma cannons on steroids!  Just more of exactly what we needed..reliable, high S low AP shooting.

and the creme de la creme.

Traktor kannon: S8 AP3, skyfire with the special ability traktor:  when shooting a zooming flyer they score an additional immobilized result on any glance or pen. 

Read that again. I had to, to believe it.  Don't forget, in 7th ed flyers have a 1/3 chance to crash and burn on an immobilized results.  That means these guns, on a single glance, can kill any flyer.  Say that again.  Slowly, and let it sink in.

Did I mention that isn't all? anytime a FMC is wounded by one, they take a grounding check at -3.  That means only on a 6 does it keep flying. 

Lootas have been for a long time one of the best anti-air units in the game. Now, they are nothing compared to traktor cannons.

The new kit is pretty cool too, I might pick up one for bits and grots.  They are a lot bigger then the previous metal Big Guns so I can't in good conscience use my current models.

I need 10, with all the weapon options. Maybe 15.  I can see running 5 lobbas, 5 traktor kannons and 5 mega-kannons. That is a LOT of fire power for 435pts.

Time to get working. I have a LOT of scratch-building to do.

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