Thursday, January 31, 2019

Bringing Kult of Speed to the table.

Viligus Defiant brought us specialist detachments including 4 for the Orks.  

The most exiting of these is the Kult of speed, which allows you to make Speed Freeks fearless if they advanced, and move twice their movement value.

The basic idea is to take a unit of Evil Sunz warbikes, move them 32" the firs turn, shoot without penalty, and then charge thanks to a Deffkilla Wartrike (which also picks up a 5++ relic).

Battalion Detachment
Kulture: Evil Sunz
Kult of Speed Specialist Detachment (-1 CP)

HQ: DeffKilla Wartrike, Skargrim's Snazztrike, warlord: Quick, Ladz!
HQ: Big Mek on bike, KFF, big choppa (Index)

Troops: 30 shootas, 3 rokkets, Nob w/BC
Troops: 30 shootas, 3 rokkets, Nob w/BC
Troops: 30 Sluggas, Nob w/PK

Elite: Painboy on Bike

Fast: 12 Warbikes, Nob w/PK
Fast: 12 Warbikes, Nob w/PK

Heavy: 3 smasha gunz

Battalion Detachment
Kulture: Evil Sunz

HQ: Wierdboy
HQ: Zhadsnark

Troops: 11 grots
Troops: 10 grots
Troops: 10 grots

2000pts, 101 PL, 13(-1) command points

Thursday, January 24, 2019

The Bad Moon Rises...

It's finally in hand, the Gloomspire Gitz book!  I am so far out of step with AoS it's almost like starting with a new game.

I am reading through the warscrolls and there are so many buffs, spells, interactions, etc I can't possibly understand it all.  It will take a lot of careful study.

And finally I dug out the Orcs & Goblins i have and pulled out the models that are in the tome.

So I have:

Fungoid Cave Shaman
Webspinner Shaman

50 (42) stabbas
35 shootas
20 Spider Riders (if webspinner is General)

2 Mangler Squigs Penguins
Arachnarock Spider w/warparty

No role
3 Loonsmasha Fanatics (5 is minimum)
1 Rockgut Troggoth (3 is minimum)

But that still comes to 2020 points! Dropping down to 40 stabbas puts me at 1920.  Room for another unit easily.

Plus of course will need a loonshrine, as it's zero points!

I think I just need to to put this stuff on the field and roll some dice, see what happens.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Showcase: Evil Sunz Looted Viper Deffkilla Wartrike

It took some time but finally finished this project.

I had to order the base off eBay because GW does not make the 150mm oval separately.  It's MDF so it ads a lot to the weight. 

Very happy with how it came out.  I did as much as I could to copy the original model including the 3 twin boomsticks, the snagga claw with chain and spools and the rockets as the Jets.

The warboss is based on a Reaper Bones Mountain Troll model and is magnetized so I can put him on a regular base and run it on foot - to use the Redder Armor someday.

I got 3 150mm bases so the other 2 are going to go under the UFO's which will count as Megatrakk scrapjets.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Back up and running!

Finally got my file server back up, so videos are resuming the normal schedule.