Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's done...!

Construction is now complete. Added a platform for the grot rigger and pined it, finished the driver. Finished the roll bar. Added rivets and boltheads all over the place. Finished the rear wing (it's magnetic too). Magnetized the ramps so they stay up.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Holy crap 8 and a half months!

I've been on a fucking plastic tear the last few days. right after the tournament on Saturday I jumped right back into making stuff, starting with redoing the lobba wheels. I love how they turned out, the shields worked out great.

Next came new objective markers. It is something I really needed to do, and they are also for the last painting challenge of 2010. I can't believe it's been a whole year!

Then Tuesday I came home and threw together a flakkatrukk and cleaned mold lines off the entire aegis defense line. Again, I'm loving how it turned out. The line will get turned into terrain pieces sometime soon.

And tonight I assembled my last BA Rhino/Razorback including the forgeworld BA doors. Tomorrow it will get magnetized. But I wasn't done. After literally 8 and a half months I pulled out and shortened my jet battlewagon. So far so good, but a lot of re-working my vision is required.

Now just need to wait for it to not be 25F outside so I can do some priming.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Back on track

Battle Report

So the tournament was today, the Guardian Cup. I did better then I had hoped game-wise, but didn't win best painted which was a disappointment. Oh well. Stuff happens. I had great games against good opponents. My one loss was to..orks. How's that for irony? lol.

Anyway I came home, showered, rested and started assembling 2 more Blood Angels. I'm a fucking addict I tell you.

No more competitive play for the rest of the year. I'm going to play a lot of Vampire Counts and will be posting up videos.

I don't have a lot of Blood Angels stuff left to make, but I do want to finish. The big deals is 2 tanks which just take time.

Ya, so that's it.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

That was fast..

Finished the assault squad, sans varnish. Started it Saturday afternoon and finished Tuesday night. A lot less time then expected. I've also built the las-plas turret, just need a bit of green stuff for it. I'm going to try and get the last Devastator guy done instead of using the ML from the tactical squad.

Taking this Friday off to finish up the changes. I'll get a video up after everything is done, including the list I'm taking.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The next project and more Vampire Counts

My Tau are done. I really, really want to be done with my Blood Angels, but I keep not being able to do that. The problem is I didn't build a competitive list, but a comp list. To make it more competitive I need more models. Sigh. The first unit is done, but now I need to make an entire new 5-man assault squad. At least it's assembled and primed now, and I hope to get it painted by the tournament I have on the 20th along with another las-plas turret.

After that I am going to make that unit it's own Razorback, in addition I need: 1 more ML devastator and a AC/LC predator...both of which are assembled already. Finally I need a new sergeant for my remaining Tactical squad. If there is any ambition left I'll make an assault weapon guy to round out my rhino-based 9 man assault squad. THEN I'll be done with Blood Angels.

Also finished assembly on the 2k VC list. made a small change, dropping 1 grave guard and hatred on the lord to give the lord Forbidden Lore, which gives me access to the normal lores (except life). I'm thinking light. I10 WS10 crypt ghouls sounds like fun :)

After everything was done, I had a stack of boxes and sprues to deal with. Cut off all the bits.

Yay fun!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Taking off for some gaming

Random open gaming at a local club, Western Oregon Wargammers today. Finished assembling my 2000pt VC army which I am hoping to play, but if not I'll have Orks and Blood angels. I finished my first (of 2) MSU assault squads.

We'll see how they play out, only having 1 probably isn't that good but I don't want to spam them either..too "netlisty". I still prefer full sized assault squads that can actually kill stuff in assault. My plan is to run 2 MSU las-plas, 1 9-man in a rhino and a full squad with priest with jump packs.

For now I'm using 3xML dev squad (for points) but might change to an AC/LC Pred.

Anyone know Mr. Potato Head's WS?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Marathon Vampire Counts assembly and 2k list

Long weekend. Not only did I do a bunch of Halloween stuff, but I put together a 2ooopt Vampire Counts list and assembled 65 infantry for it. Phew. A lot of it was done during football games, but still a lot of work. Only 31 models and 2 blisters of Bat swarms left!

Go Ducks!

So here is the list I came up with. Any comments welcome.

Vampire Lord (420); +1 level
Powers: Dark Acolyte, infinite hatred, lord of the dead
Items: Tomb Blade, Flayed Hauberk, helm of commandment, talisman of protection

Vampire (165)
Powers: Hunter in the Dark
Items: Armor of night, enchanted shield, Talisman of the Lynci

Wight King (145)
BSB, razor standard

Skeletonsx40 (350), Full command, banner of helfire

Crypt Ghoulsx20 (168), crypt ghast

Bat swarmx3 (105)

Grave Guardx33 (471), full command, banner of barrows

Cairn Wraithsx3 (175) including tomb banshee

I am considering giving the lord Forbidden lore instead of hatred, so I can have better options for spellcasting.

Also, which is better swarms or dire wolves?

The idea is to have the grave guard the hammer unit, with the skellies in support. The Lord will stay in range to use the helm and nehek the guard to keep them alive, raising zombies to deny flank charges if needed. Then the swarms and wraiths will be out tarpitting stuff while the scouting vamp raises zombies in the opponent's front yard..just for fun.