Saturday, November 6, 2010

Taking off for some gaming

Random open gaming at a local club, Western Oregon Wargammers today. Finished assembling my 2000pt VC army which I am hoping to play, but if not I'll have Orks and Blood angels. I finished my first (of 2) MSU assault squads.

We'll see how they play out, only having 1 probably isn't that good but I don't want to spam them either..too "netlisty". I still prefer full sized assault squads that can actually kill stuff in assault. My plan is to run 2 MSU las-plas, 1 9-man in a rhino and a full squad with priest with jump packs.

For now I'm using 3xML dev squad (for points) but might change to an AC/LC Pred.

Anyone know Mr. Potato Head's WS?

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