One of the things I hate most about war gaming content producers on YouTube, is the tendency for someone to gain a big following, and then basically leaving YouTube and charging a monthly access fee to get the same content that use to be 100% free.

My goal is to use Patreon to break that trend. 

This is why I am not creating rewards.   I am not providing anything extra to patrons. That defeats the entire purpose!  All my content will, at first, be exactly the same. Same content, same frequency and same quality. If the Patreon grows, that will give me resources to make more and better videos: reviews, tutorials and so on. 

Also, as a hobbyist that just creates videos of my own work and no extra content, it's nice to know my efforts are appreciated and this will inspire me to create more varied content.

So that's it, there will be no message board where I will invite people to join to talk to me. No website with a fee to see some of the videos.  Nothing like that.

Please support my efforts to change the YouTube war gaming community for the better. Support my Patreon.  Create  your own Patreon!  Just please, stay on YouTube.

Support my Patreon