Sunday, April 29, 2012

Arachnarok Spider WiP #4 - Airbrushing step done

After finishing the base last night, I finally was able to pull out the airbrush and get that part of the spider done.  It will get a serious wash with the Coelia Greenshade to add depth.  After that I'll go over it with space wolves grey and white to add "cracks" to the ice.  The bone bits will also be done as ice.  So really there isn't that much work left.  I love airbrushes.

While kids and wife were napping I couldn't use the airbrush so I worked on the unit fillers for my big Night Goblin block, and got them done sans varnish/flock.

Hrm the pictures are washed out.  Too bad, it has some nice green to blue transitions in the legs and edges of the armor. I'll try to take better pics.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Arachnarok Spider WiP #3 - Base done

Finished up the base tonight, other then flock which will come after the varnish.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Arachnarok Spider WiP #2; New GW paint line

Finished the howda and then decided to pin it to the spider. Turns out I made a mistake in assembly so I had to make some modifications to the spider.  Nothing that will ever be seen though so no biggie. I plan on mostly airbrushing the spider, which I can't always do, so I started on the base. lots of detail but nothing I have not done many times before. Won't take long to finish, then I will have all weekend to paint the spider. Might actually make it by the end of the month after all.

I'm completely ecstatic for Coelia Greenshade. It is a nice blue-green wash from the new shade line. before I had to mix my own blue-green wash from Thrakka green and Asurmen blue.  The blue has so much stronger pigments then the green that getting it right was a pain.  New shade color, no more mixing. thanks gw!

I also mixed the base ice color, which is 1:3 liche purple and scaly green (yes I know they dropped scaly green years ago, so I used a Vallejo equivalent) which makes the most amazing deep blue color.  Hopefully one of the new paints will be close enough where I don't have to mix that either.  I'll be checking out Sotek green and Thunderhawk blue to see if either of those will work. Not mixing, especially when airbrushing, will make me do the happy dance.

Lastly picked up Mourn Mountain Snow to try it on the basing for the O&G.   I like how it turns out, a lot.  It has a very slight blue tint.  Before I used a combination of flock layers and the white sand to get the look I wanted. Now I plan on just doing a layer of mourn followed by a quick flock. Time saver!!!

So anyway I need to make an update video.  Maybe tomorrow.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Raindog's Rampage (1500pt WHFB tournament) Part 1

Sunday the 22nd was the spring Rampage, a 1500pt friendly WHFB tournament.  I brought my Orcs and Goblins, of course. 

My list:

Lord: Night Goblin Great Shaman, Level 4, Dispel Scroll, Talisman of Preservation

Hero: Orc Big Boss, Armor of Fortune, Gold Sigil Sword
Hero: Black Orc Big Boss, Gambler's Armor, Sword of Battle, BSB
Hero: Goblin Big Boss, light armor, spear, giant spider

Core: 28 Boys, full command, Big 'uns, extra hand weapon
Core: 24 Night Goblins, Bows, Musician
Core: 9 Spider Riders, Bows, Musician

Special: Troll
Special: Orc Chariot
Special: Orc Chariot

Rare: Mangler Penguin
Rare: Doom Diver
Rare: Ice Lobber

total 1499pts

Lord 245 16.3%
Hero 314 20.9%
Core 505 33.7%
Special 205 13.7%
Rare 230 15.3%

I wanted to make sure my characters has magic weapons in case  I came up against some ethereal stuff.

The troll I've recently added and have really liked how well he is working out as a re-director, keeping the heat off the boys until I can control the charge.

I also bring my Orc chariots mainly because the models are just so cool (my Polar bear chariots).  I really wish though now I would have had 1 chariot and a 2nd mangler.  Really could have helped my day (more of that in part 2).

I really like having the 4+ ward on the NG Shaman, as he is such an important part of my army.  The magic mushroom is such a boost to casting, and really helps mitigate winds of magic.

I took the spider riders because of the missions.  I needed some swift units that could reach the other side of the table reliably.  I added the hero last second both because he adds a decent punch, better LD and of course he's just dirt freaking cheap.  I might add in a couple into the big block of NG spearmen in my OFCC list.

Basically my army centers around the big'uns. I use the troll to redirect, and everything else is about softening up the rest of the opponent's army so the boys can clean up.  Really WS4, S5 in first round of combat with 2 attacks each really pack a punch. The Black Orc in there means I don't have to worry about animosity and can control the unit no matter what.

Part 2 I'll go over my games.  Wish I had taken some pics..

Friday, April 20, 2012

Arachnarok Spider WiP #1

Almost as soon as I put the Stormraven in the box, I grabbed the Spider and started cranking on it.  Started with the crew, which are now down plus starting on the howda.

Right now I'm stuck on how I want to handle the spiderwebs. I'm thinking a white base with a blue-green wash and then a drybrush. Not sure yet.  Howda will be simple but time consuming, lots of little detail on it.

I also took a really good look at the base for the first time. It also has a lot of detail that will be infuriatingly slow...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Too busy painting to blog..

..or make videos.

Seriously, I have so much to do it's not even close to funny. I need to finish my spider and 100 infantry by June 25th. It's not going to be fun.  Plus I have other stuff to do along the way. Sigh.  Right now I'm almost done with the crew for the spider, then I'll do the howda and finally grab the airbrush for the spider itself.  Plus I have a 1500pt fantasy tourney on Sunday..

For next months freebootaz challenge I wanted something quick and simple, and one thing I've wanted for my Blood Angels is a regular foot power armor chaplain to join the death company. I was going to buy one but decided to raid my bits box instead. Used the metal veteran body I bought just to get the right hand lightning claw.

I still have 3 terminator bodies on sprue, so I want to build and paint up a terminator captain with dual lightning claws.  That will be my June challenge.

Oh, plus the spring contest model..YIKES!  Oh and doing part 2 of my tactics post..and working on my fandex..

WTF is wrong with me?!?!?!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Yay! Stormraven done!

Lots of pics!  So glad this project is over.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Stormraven part 2

Now I know why this thing has been sitting in the box for a year. It's much more work then I wanted to put into it.

I have all the loose pieces done: The turret, the weapons, the MM, pilot and canopy.  Tonight I airbrushed the base color on the Stormraven itself.  I still have to do the base, too. I just want this done so I can start in on the spider.  So much painting, so little time!

I also picked up 3 of the new paints: Mourn Mountain Snow texture (obviously for myO&G), Auric Armor Gold (my shining gold is almost gone) and Seaphim Sepia shade as I am out of gryphonne sepia.  We'll get to them eventually.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


For the painting challenge on the freebootaz this month I decided to "finish" the stormraven. Finish is in quotes because I don't plan on doing the edge highlighting at this point in time. That is many days of work I just don't have.

I painted the interior an the pilot.  That allowed me to finish assembly after about a year or so of sitting in the box.  I still need to concentrate on my Orcs & Goblins.

Plus I plan on doing an entry into the SMA Big spring contest again.

I was running out of 40k stuff to do.  More on that later...

Pics or it didn't happen..