Sunday, April 29, 2012

Arachnarok Spider WiP #4 - Airbrushing step done

After finishing the base last night, I finally was able to pull out the airbrush and get that part of the spider done.  It will get a serious wash with the Coelia Greenshade to add depth.  After that I'll go over it with space wolves grey and white to add "cracks" to the ice.  The bone bits will also be done as ice.  So really there isn't that much work left.  I love airbrushes.

While kids and wife were napping I couldn't use the airbrush so I worked on the unit fillers for my big Night Goblin block, and got them done sans varnish/flock.

Hrm the pictures are washed out.  Too bad, it has some nice green to blue transitions in the legs and edges of the armor. I'll try to take better pics.

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