Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Raindog's Rampage (1500pt WHFB tournament) Part 2

Part 2 of my report on the tournament I played in. 

Basic rules of the tournament:
10pts for win
7pts for tie (<300 victory pt margin)
5pts for minor loss (300-700 victory pt margin)
3pts for major loss (>700 victory pt margin)

Each mission  has bonus points, with 10 being maximum each round.

Bonus points for fully painted, favorite painting awards, for food donation and some others.

Game 1 vs Moses' Dwarfs

Hero: Runesmith, shield, rune of stone, speed, furnace, dispell x2
Hero: Thane, BSB, MR of Gromril, Rune of Preservation, MR of challenge, rune of furnace, rune of fire

Core: Warriors x25; Great weapons, std, musician
Core: Longbeards x24; Shields, Standard, Musician, MR of Grungni

Special: Hammerers x20; Standard, Musician, Rune of determination
Special: Grudge Thrower; Engineer, Rune of Penetrating, Rune of reloading
Special: Cannon; Engineer, Rune of forging, Rune of burning.

Mission: Five Coins
Place 5 coins evenly spaced in the long middle of the table. A unit must charge a coin to take it. Each coin is worth 2 bonus battle points

The dice did not like me much this game.  The Dwarfs went first.  The cannon took out the mangler first turn.  I advanced, with the chariots trained on the warmachines.  He failed to kill either chariot, one made it into the cannon shutting it down, but it took me 3 full turns to kill the crew! even with impact hits!  The other chariot got the charge on the stone thrower, but wrecked itself on terrain on the way.  My warmachines either failed to do anything or misfired.  I was actually in a decent position but the rune of challenge came up and I decided to charge in. He had both units on either side ready to flank in.  I completely, utterly whiffed. I didn't run away but I did get double-flanked and completely wiped After that there wasn't much left.  Major loss.  I got 1 coin, opponent got 2 so I lost 18-5 battle points.

So what happened? Well my dice were well below average. I really wish I had rolled bad moon for this game.  The stupid thing Dwarfs have that give a 6" bubble of a 5+ ward against shooting was really annoying, especially with how many 5+ rolls he made the few times my shooting actually did damage.  The chariot being locked in combat forever, the other blowing up in terrain, my warmachines of complete fail. Insanely frustrating game, but Moses got my vote for favorite opponent that day. He played a good game, had a solid game plan and was nice while stomping my face in the mud :)

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