Thursday, May 10, 2012

Getting down to the nitty gritty

Whatever the heck that means..

I'm now starting to crank out the rank an file, the last 2 units consisting of 89 total infantry models.  All of which must be done by June 24th.  I finished the spider on time and even got a jump on the night goblins.  Turns out the goblins are so easy that finishing them won't be an issue. My new goal for them is April 20th, my next game night.  Of the 40 to paint, 10 are already done!

I've base coated and washed the whole unit. So it's now just picking out details. I was going to skimp on these last 2 units but at least for the night goblins, I won't have too.  The Orcs though, are another story. Oh, and I still need an Orc shaman..

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