Thursday, May 31, 2012

6th edition and the future..

It's been a busy busy month for me on the blog, on  youtube and the hobby in general.  I've painted no less then 61 models in the calendar month.  Sure 20 of them are missing the last few layers but it still beats my previous record in June '11 when I did 53 models.

I put up my first Talking about Orks in a long time.  Check it out, going over Snikrot + Ghazzy combo. Love this little trick, and I really hope it survives the transition.

With just a month to go before 6th, the rumors so far are not looking good for the Orks. With CCW getting an AP, with wounds having to go to the closest models first, among others.  

With the light at the end of the tunnel of my painting marathon of Orcs and Goblins starting to get brighter, I have a lot to plan out.

I plan on making a couple more tactica videos about my current army as a 5th swan song. 

As soon as 6th hits, I'll be combing through the rules and will relaunch Talking About Orks for the new edition.

Thanks for tuning in, reading my ramblings and not insulting my paint jobs..

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