Monday, May 21, 2012

Boys command group (OOP)

Didn't slow down much after the Night Goblins were done. Hopped right into the boys.

The command bits are some OOP metal ones I got from an Ebay Auction. Really helps make this unit different then the other one I have with the new plastic bits.

Base color is Vallejo extra opaque heavy brown.  Fuck, I hate this paint! I used it on the interior of the Stormraven as well and it's a bitch to work with. It starts to separate the instant you're done mixing.  But the color is great, just like the old Khemri brown.

Shields will be done at the end, all in one huge batch.

I'm skipping many steps on these guys for now, if I get them all done in time I'll go back over and add layers/highlights.

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