Thursday, May 17, 2012

40 Night Goblins in 9 days!

Not quite done yet, they still need varnish and flock, but the painting is done. More pics and video when totally complete.

Here is what I did to each one:

Base Liche purple, badab black wash, layers of liche purple, hormagaunt purple and a glaze of purple wash

Base Ice Blue, blue wash, layers of ice blue, space wolves blue and white

Base boltgun, bad moon in iyunden darksun, devlan mud wash, chainmail highlight, splash of Model Air rust

Other bits include just a base/wash/highlight on the spear shaft, belt and shoes.

very happy with how fast these guys were to paint, I wasn't planning on finishing them until the end of the month so I am way ahead of schedule now.

Time to crank out some boys!

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