Saturday, November 30, 2013

Finally a 3rd Dakkajet!

I finally won a gift certificate for the November league and that allowed me to purchase another Dakkajet, giving me all 3.

Very, very happy. Built this one more "stock" then the last one, but did add in the wingtip tanks just because I really like them. The kit itself is just fantastic: easy to build, lots of bits, lots of options and relatively cheap.  I'm thinking about doing this one in an olive drab camo instead of the same colors as my other two.

I built the base using lots of agrellan earth crackle paint and love how it came out. Lots of the "dry riverbed" look I got when I was testing the stuff on video.

Time to get going on this, I'll get it done then move back to the Thunderfire project.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Freebootaz (40k Radio forum) Toys for Tots 2013 auctions coming soon!

This project started early in the year, so at the time we picked the newest codex to use for the Toys for Tots auctions...Dark Angels.  It was already in place before Tau or Eldar, so we couldn't go back.

This year we a competition for a 2000pt list, involving all 3 "colors" of the DA codex, so it had to have some regular marines, termies and ravenwing models.  My donation is here.

The primary auction's 2k list is below:

*Tact Squad 1: 10Man/Vet Sarg w/Power Weapon & Meltabombs/ Flamer/ Heavy Bolter
*Drop Pop
*Tact Squad 2: 10Man/ Vet Sarg w/Power Weapon & Meltabombs/ Meltagun/ Multimelta
*Scout Squad: 5Man Camo Cloaks and Sniper Rifles
*Deathwing Terminators: 5Man/ 2x Thunderhammer Stormshields/ Cyclone Missile Launcher
*Dreadnought: Assault Cannon Heavy/ Flamer
* Dread Drop Pod
*Veteran Squad: 7Man Swords instead of Bolters/2x Power Weapon/ Flamer
*Drop Pod (multi color LEDS, weapons magnetized)
Fast Attack
*Dark Talon (multiple LEDS)
*Ravenwing Darkshroud/Vengeance (fully swappable magnetized)
*Ravenwing Attack Squadron: 5 Bikes/ Vet Sarg W/Power Weapon & Meltabombs/ Meltagun/ Meltagun
Heavy Support
*Aegis Defense Line W/Quadgun
*Devestator Squad: 5Man/ 4x Missile Launcher w/Flakk upgrade
Codex Dark Angels Limited edition ( I'll get the C.o.A. # and post it here)

Not the most competitive, but it is playable.

There were also many other models donated, and so there will be additional acutions:

2nd auction
10 man Tac Sqd with Meltagun
Rhino (FW chapter doors and multiple LEDS)
LE DV Chappy Seraphicus

3rd Auction (Hunt for the Fallen!)
RW Nephilim Fighter
RW 6man sqd, Power sword sgt melta bombs, 2 meltaguns
RW Assault bike Multi Melta
RW Landspeeder Typhoon (Magnatized LEDS)

4th auction
5 Tac marines
5 Assault marines

5th Auction (Lord of the Castle Keep)
Ezekiel Master of the Secrets
(UK based Ebay auction, so shipping is not crazy for the UK)

6th Auction
10 man Tac Sqd with Meltagun
Rhino (FW chapter doors and multiple LEDS) 

Just a quick heads up on what is coming down the road.  The auctions are planned to go live in about 2 weeks.

If you're not interested in the auctions, we also have t-shirts available with 100% of proceeds going to Toys for Tots.  Ya, they are a bit expensive but it's for a good cause!

I'll give a Youtube update once the auctions are live.

Starting a "No budget" Thunderfire project

yep I'm broke. Yep I really, really want a thunderfire to go with my Red Ultramarine allies. 

I've been looking around at some thunderfire alternatives and scratch builds, and then wen through my bit box looking for things to help, and so far I think I've got a plan together.  A couple of plasma pistols, some Valkyrie bits, and away we go!

Starting with the techmarine (because it's easier).  I saw the idea to use terminator legs, which I happened to have a pair so I went that way.  The torso and shoulderpads are from the marine vehicle sprue, and I have no idea where the head came from.

The arms are the heavy bolter mounts from the Valkyrie kit. I plan on using one of the missile pods from the same kit as the main part of the thunderfire barrel, a razorback hatch as the base for the cannon and some extra old chimera tracks.

It's going to be work, and I need to put any more work off a week while I finish up the Imperial Fist commission, but so far, I like what I have..

After this, I have at least 2 major Ork projects in the works. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Space Wolf Long Fangs Complete!

Finished up my latest project, a unit of missile launcher long fangs.

ya, ya, they are soooo 5th edition..right?  Maybe. I've used them, they are pretty cheap and if you add in perfect timing or prescience then they can become quite effective.

I think I got the Space Wolves Grey a bit too heavy on these guys compared to my Grey Hunters. They are more like the Rune Priest.  It could also be just that they are mostly regular marine models so they have a lot less detail on them.

Anyway pics.

What's next is another 7 biker Imperial Fist commission I need to finish by next Wednesday.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Off topic train: Youtube networks and 4 stupid things.

If you've been watching my Youtube stuff, you'll know that I've recently started a new series called 4 Stupid (Warhammer 40k) Things. It's not an original idea at all, but if I keep the topic on 40k I don't think I'll be stepping on anyone's toes.

BTW, the next installment is written, recording shortly..

I'm hoping this new series will grow my channel, and add some much needed levity to 40k in general.

In the last few months I've received many messages about joining a Youtube network. What is a network? Well basically it's a company that takes a cut of your adsense revenue in exchange for production and promotion assistance or ditches the entire Google advertising model and sells it's own on your content.

Either way they try to sell themselves as a way to earn more money.  I've been reading a lot online about specific networks and networks in general, and so far I'm not that impressed. Looks like Tony over at The Sustainable Center has joined one, so I guess it can't be all bad.

But the questions remain. I've not responded yet to any inquires, and thankfully Freddie Wong has a great post about the pitfalls of a network. I'm not a lawyer, and it looks like you can easily be taken advantage of if you're not careful with the contract.

Anyway, for now there will be no changes on my channel or blog. Just expect more 4S(40k)T, at least 1 a week..not like there isn't a huge list of things to comment on...

Monday, November 11, 2013

Some thoughts on Tau+Tigurius.

Well I didn't get to play in the tournament but I did fill in one game as a ringer.

It was against seer council.  Man, that stuff is tough to deal with.  Not like it does a whole lot of damage though, but is just so tough.  Maybe a rune priest would have worked better..maybe.  Or better yet, both!  Thanks to Tigurius I did roll misfortune but was only able to get it off one turn (mainly because I forgot he can re-roll failed tests..sigh) ..still, in that one turn I killed all but 1 warlock and put 3/6 wounds on the two farseers.  Even with fortune, all you need is something that's AP2 and ignore cover.  It goes from 36 wounds per unsaved to just 4 per unsaved, and that difference is HUGE.

Also on the first turn, the tactical squad failed to down a venom..a venom!  Talk about bad rolling.  Still, combined the tactical squad and a unit of kroot put pressure on his backfield where he had to deal with them. I should have dropped all the units of suits down instead of deploying them.

Overall I'm pretty darn happy with the list.  I have to cut it down to 1500 for Wednesday, and I think Riptides would really make a huge difference in survivability over crisis suits..even if it would lose some firepower. I still love the tactical squad in the drop pod..enough where I might consider a 2nd unit of them..or maybe a thunderfire.

I do need to play it a whole lot more for sure, but for now I'm liking what I'm seeing..there was at least one other person playing the same thing so I did get to watch the list play out.

I did see several drop-pod heavy armies at the tournament and man, they do pack quite a punch that first turn.  After that though, it isn't that hard to kill marines but you have to survive.  I like the lists I saw, and that would be something I could get behind.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Chief Librarian Tigurius is broken.

just sayin'

So I've been contemplating using Ultramarines as an ally instead of Space Wolves. First, the Ultramarines are battle brothers meaning I can do a lot more.  The core though, is Tiguruis and his way broken ability to almost choose his powers.

First, the list (I don't own any riptides or I'd be using them):

Primary: Codex: Tau Empire
HQ (190): Commander
Iridium Armor, C&C Node, Purtide, Multi-spectrum sensor, shield gen, Vectored retro-thrusters

Standard buff commander. Due to Tigurius, does not need to be with the broadsides, so he can join any crisis suit team.

Troop (75): 10 Kroot, Sniper rounds, Kroot hound
Troop (75): 10 Kroot, Sniper rounds, Kroot hound
Troop (54): 6 Fire Warriors
This list is extremely light on troops, especially when defending against White Scars/Ravenguard as the Kroot will be sacrificed to reduce scout moves.

Elite (172): 3x XV8, 6x Burst Cannon 2x Early Warning Override, 3x Marker Drones
Elite (156): 3x XV8, 6x Plasma Gun
Elite (171): 3x XV8, 6x Missile Pod, 3x Early Warning Override
Lots and lots of firepower here.  Horde-killing burst cannons, extra marker lights, 12 AP2 shots. Plasma guys will most likely deep strike, sometimes with the commander.

Fast (55): 5x Pathfinder
Fast (55): 5x Pathfinder
Pretty obvious here.

Heavy (210): 3x XV88, HYMP, 3x Early Warning Override
I've forgone the velocity trackers simply because with the twin-linked and markerlights, they should be fine without. I think the interceptor is more important...also a lot less points.
Heavy (141): Hammerhead, SMS, Blacksun, Ion Cannon, disruption pod
Heavy (131): Skyray, SMS, Blacksun, disruption pod
Skyray is primary air defense, getting the marker lights on something to boost another unit. I only have one..

Allied Detachment: Codex: Space Marines
HQ (165): Chief Librarian Tigurius 
A true jack-of-all-trades.

Troop (200): 10x Tactical Squad, plasmagun, combi-plasma, drop pod 
The drop pod is a great first turn threat, especially with the tactical disciple combat tactic.

Most of the time Tigurius will be going for prescience, foreboding, forewarning or perfect timing.  Maybe the occasional shot at puppet master.  Misfortune is a useful tool against screamerstar/seer council, and perfect timing teamed with the broadsides is a no-brainier.  Being able to give them a 4+ invul as well can't be understated.  Add in his ability to mess with reserve rolls to go with deep striking crisis suits and I'll be able to control the board.

In theory.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Slow news day..just re-basing Broadsides.

I've been kinda under the weather emotionally so I've not been posting much. Plus I spent a lot of time painting Imperial Fist bikes so didn't have much time for my own stuff.

There is a tournament this weekend where I'm on a waiting list, not sure if I'll get to play or not. I didn't have the money to pre-register so I'll have to live with it one way or the other.

I'm working on re-basing my broadsides. The 60mm bases are actually a big advantage against blast markers so it's kinda important.

Nothing fancy, so it won't take long.

They still are no where near as big as the new broadsides, but if anyone has a problem with that..tough shit.

I also broke out some Blood Angels to use as red Ultramarines. Heh. Painting up a combi-plasma for a tactical Sergent.