Saturday, November 16, 2013

Off topic train: Youtube networks and 4 stupid things.

If you've been watching my Youtube stuff, you'll know that I've recently started a new series called 4 Stupid (Warhammer 40k) Things. It's not an original idea at all, but if I keep the topic on 40k I don't think I'll be stepping on anyone's toes.

BTW, the next installment is written, recording shortly..

I'm hoping this new series will grow my channel, and add some much needed levity to 40k in general.

In the last few months I've received many messages about joining a Youtube network. What is a network? Well basically it's a company that takes a cut of your adsense revenue in exchange for production and promotion assistance or ditches the entire Google advertising model and sells it's own on your content.

Either way they try to sell themselves as a way to earn more money.  I've been reading a lot online about specific networks and networks in general, and so far I'm not that impressed. Looks like Tony over at The Sustainable Center has joined one, so I guess it can't be all bad.

But the questions remain. I've not responded yet to any inquires, and thankfully Freddie Wong has a great post about the pitfalls of a network. I'm not a lawyer, and it looks like you can easily be taken advantage of if you're not careful with the contract.

Anyway, for now there will be no changes on my channel or blog. Just expect more 4S(40k)T, at least 1 a week..not like there isn't a huge list of things to comment on...

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