Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Starting a "No budget" Thunderfire project

yep I'm broke. Yep I really, really want a thunderfire to go with my Red Ultramarine allies. 

I've been looking around at some thunderfire alternatives and scratch builds, and then wen through my bit box looking for things to help, and so far I think I've got a plan together.  A couple of plasma pistols, some Valkyrie bits, and away we go!

Starting with the techmarine (because it's easier).  I saw the idea to use terminator legs, which I happened to have a pair so I went that way.  The torso and shoulderpads are from the marine vehicle sprue, and I have no idea where the head came from.

The arms are the heavy bolter mounts from the Valkyrie kit. I plan on using one of the missile pods from the same kit as the main part of the thunderfire barrel, a razorback hatch as the base for the cannon and some extra old chimera tracks.

It's going to be work, and I need to put any more work off a week while I finish up the Imperial Fist commission, but so far, I like what I have..

After this, I have at least 2 major Ork projects in the works. Stay tuned!

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