Friday, November 8, 2013

Chief Librarian Tigurius is broken.

just sayin'

So I've been contemplating using Ultramarines as an ally instead of Space Wolves. First, the Ultramarines are battle brothers meaning I can do a lot more.  The core though, is Tiguruis and his way broken ability to almost choose his powers.

First, the list (I don't own any riptides or I'd be using them):

Primary: Codex: Tau Empire
HQ (190): Commander
Iridium Armor, C&C Node, Purtide, Multi-spectrum sensor, shield gen, Vectored retro-thrusters

Standard buff commander. Due to Tigurius, does not need to be with the broadsides, so he can join any crisis suit team.

Troop (75): 10 Kroot, Sniper rounds, Kroot hound
Troop (75): 10 Kroot, Sniper rounds, Kroot hound
Troop (54): 6 Fire Warriors
This list is extremely light on troops, especially when defending against White Scars/Ravenguard as the Kroot will be sacrificed to reduce scout moves.

Elite (172): 3x XV8, 6x Burst Cannon 2x Early Warning Override, 3x Marker Drones
Elite (156): 3x XV8, 6x Plasma Gun
Elite (171): 3x XV8, 6x Missile Pod, 3x Early Warning Override
Lots and lots of firepower here.  Horde-killing burst cannons, extra marker lights, 12 AP2 shots. Plasma guys will most likely deep strike, sometimes with the commander.

Fast (55): 5x Pathfinder
Fast (55): 5x Pathfinder
Pretty obvious here.

Heavy (210): 3x XV88, HYMP, 3x Early Warning Override
I've forgone the velocity trackers simply because with the twin-linked and markerlights, they should be fine without. I think the interceptor is more important...also a lot less points.
Heavy (141): Hammerhead, SMS, Blacksun, Ion Cannon, disruption pod
Heavy (131): Skyray, SMS, Blacksun, disruption pod
Skyray is primary air defense, getting the marker lights on something to boost another unit. I only have one..

Allied Detachment: Codex: Space Marines
HQ (165): Chief Librarian Tigurius 
A true jack-of-all-trades.

Troop (200): 10x Tactical Squad, plasmagun, combi-plasma, drop pod 
The drop pod is a great first turn threat, especially with the tactical disciple combat tactic.

Most of the time Tigurius will be going for prescience, foreboding, forewarning or perfect timing.  Maybe the occasional shot at puppet master.  Misfortune is a useful tool against screamerstar/seer council, and perfect timing teamed with the broadsides is a no-brainier.  Being able to give them a 4+ invul as well can't be understated.  Add in his ability to mess with reserve rolls to go with deep striking crisis suits and I'll be able to control the board.

In theory.

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