Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Freebootaz (40k Radio forum) Toys for Tots 2013 auctions coming soon!

This project started early in the year, so at the time we picked the newest codex to use for the Toys for Tots auctions...Dark Angels.  It was already in place before Tau or Eldar, so we couldn't go back.

This year we a competition for a 2000pt list, involving all 3 "colors" of the DA codex, so it had to have some regular marines, termies and ravenwing models.  My donation is here.

The primary auction's 2k list is below:

*Tact Squad 1: 10Man/Vet Sarg w/Power Weapon & Meltabombs/ Flamer/ Heavy Bolter
*Drop Pop
*Tact Squad 2: 10Man/ Vet Sarg w/Power Weapon & Meltabombs/ Meltagun/ Multimelta
*Scout Squad: 5Man Camo Cloaks and Sniper Rifles
*Deathwing Terminators: 5Man/ 2x Thunderhammer Stormshields/ Cyclone Missile Launcher
*Dreadnought: Assault Cannon Heavy/ Flamer
* Dread Drop Pod
*Veteran Squad: 7Man Swords instead of Bolters/2x Power Weapon/ Flamer
*Drop Pod (multi color LEDS, weapons magnetized)
Fast Attack
*Dark Talon (multiple LEDS)
*Ravenwing Darkshroud/Vengeance (fully swappable magnetized)
*Ravenwing Attack Squadron: 5 Bikes/ Vet Sarg W/Power Weapon & Meltabombs/ Meltagun/ Meltagun
Heavy Support
*Aegis Defense Line W/Quadgun
*Devestator Squad: 5Man/ 4x Missile Launcher w/Flakk upgrade
Codex Dark Angels Limited edition ( I'll get the C.o.A. # and post it here)

Not the most competitive, but it is playable.

There were also many other models donated, and so there will be additional acutions:

2nd auction
10 man Tac Sqd with Meltagun
Rhino (FW chapter doors and multiple LEDS)
LE DV Chappy Seraphicus

3rd Auction (Hunt for the Fallen!)
RW Nephilim Fighter
RW 6man sqd, Power sword sgt melta bombs, 2 meltaguns
RW Assault bike Multi Melta
RW Landspeeder Typhoon (Magnatized LEDS)

4th auction
5 Tac marines
5 Assault marines

5th Auction (Lord of the Castle Keep)
Ezekiel Master of the Secrets
(UK based Ebay auction, so shipping is not crazy for the UK)

6th Auction
10 man Tac Sqd with Meltagun
Rhino (FW chapter doors and multiple LEDS) 

Just a quick heads up on what is coming down the road.  The auctions are planned to go live in about 2 weeks.

If you're not interested in the auctions, we also have t-shirts available with 100% of proceeds going to Toys for Tots.  Ya, they are a bit expensive but it's for a good cause!

I'll give a Youtube update once the auctions are live.

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