Monday, November 11, 2013

Some thoughts on Tau+Tigurius.

Well I didn't get to play in the tournament but I did fill in one game as a ringer.

It was against seer council.  Man, that stuff is tough to deal with.  Not like it does a whole lot of damage though, but is just so tough.  Maybe a rune priest would have worked better..maybe.  Or better yet, both!  Thanks to Tigurius I did roll misfortune but was only able to get it off one turn (mainly because I forgot he can re-roll failed tests..sigh) ..still, in that one turn I killed all but 1 warlock and put 3/6 wounds on the two farseers.  Even with fortune, all you need is something that's AP2 and ignore cover.  It goes from 36 wounds per unsaved to just 4 per unsaved, and that difference is HUGE.

Also on the first turn, the tactical squad failed to down a venom..a venom!  Talk about bad rolling.  Still, combined the tactical squad and a unit of kroot put pressure on his backfield where he had to deal with them. I should have dropped all the units of suits down instead of deploying them.

Overall I'm pretty darn happy with the list.  I have to cut it down to 1500 for Wednesday, and I think Riptides would really make a huge difference in survivability over crisis suits..even if it would lose some firepower. I still love the tactical squad in the drop pod..enough where I might consider a 2nd unit of them..or maybe a thunderfire.

I do need to play it a whole lot more for sure, but for now I'm liking what I'm seeing..there was at least one other person playing the same thing so I did get to watch the list play out.

I did see several drop-pod heavy armies at the tournament and man, they do pack quite a punch that first turn.  After that though, it isn't that hard to kill marines but you have to survive.  I like the lists I saw, and that would be something I could get behind.

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