Saturday, October 31, 2015

Tau-riffic Tau-tober! - Final thoughts

As my kids gorge on candy and October draws to a close, the Tau codex hits shelves.

- The lack of a completely new codex is very disturbing.  Points needed adjustments almost everywhere, Broadsides needed to be S10 again and maybe some D-weapons for "balance".

- The new detachments and formations look pretty good, but like most some are way better then others.

- Seems like GW is up to the old tricks of limited rules.

Now I don't mind having a whole playable dataslate in a box, but the rules need to be available separately..especially when you consider they are making only 200 copies of the rules..period.

It's really 30 firewarriors, 10 pathfinders and then the fortifications, which isn't much. But what kind of benefits it gives it what matters.   It may not be a Skyhammer Annihilation force, but it may be just as bad.

- Will Tau make it back into high-level tournament play?  Probably not. The one thing Tau does better then anyone is interceptor - which kills a lot of the high level lists (including the aforementioned Skyhammer Annihilation force) but skyfire gets super expensive very quick..especially trying to fight 5+ FMC's.

What's next? I'll probably be messing around with Tau for the next month.

With allies.  Sure, I can't do Orks (Zhadsnark backed up by broadsides? FUCK YA) in ITC rules but I can do...CHAOS!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Getting back into hobby time..Bad Moonz Tankbustas

Surgery, 2 days in hospital, 2 more days in bed doped up on Oxycontin, and now finally enough energy to sorta return to normal.

Started these guys before I went under the knife, and was able to finish them over the last 2 days.  12 tankbustas which will be Bad Moonz to go along with my Bad Moonz Trukk.

I only had 3 "normal" rokkets so I had to build the rest. I used mostly the combi-rokket bits from the Meganobz kitz, along with some of the kombi-rokkets from the plastic nobs.  And built a few with pistols.

Pretty darn happy with them, I'll slowly start painting over the next few still isn't 100% and I have to get back to work.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

From zero to Goff in nothing flat...

A little while ago I didn't have any "official" Goff units in my army. I count my Tin Bitz colored meganobz and Goff but they aren't black.  That all changed when I decided after much debate to paint my last Trukk Goff.  I really liked how it came out. I've avoided Goffs before because all black can get really boring. But mixing clans helps solve that.

While putting away my Trukk into the "these units suck" box, I dug through it and looked a full unit of 30 boys I had muckin' about at the bottom.  They needed refurbishing.  I needed some Goff boys to go with their shiny new Trukk.  So away I went with a full refurbish painting the cloth black, stripes white and a layer/highlight on the skin.

Now the boys are back in the bottom of the box, but if I ever decide to play trukks they might see the light of the game table.

But that's not the end of it.  I got a small bonus at work (in Amazon gift cards) and after much more indecision went with an Ork flyer. Sure I have 3 Dakkajets but I've been wanting to fly Wingnutz' Air Armada for a while I needed bombers.

And here is the result: A Goff Burna-bomber. First time using pigments to "dirty" up the windows, and I think they came out pretty good. I also used pigments in the panel lines to bring them out instead of highlighting the edges of everything. I love how the bombs came out, but I broke my airbrush after finishing them. 

Ran out of the blue I used on the underside of my other planes, so I might go back over it someday, somehow.

So now in a short couple of weeks I've gone from zero Goff models in my Army to about 500pts.  When I do get the last plane for the Blitza-bomber, I'll have a whole new chance to be indecisive on clan!!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Showcase: Goff Trukk

The last of my Trukks is now complete.  Basically I had nothing else to paint!  But I'm VERY happy with this one, after taking a while to decide on Goff.   As a consequence I am now refurbishing a unit of boys I've had collecting dust in the bottom of a box for years - all Black Reach - as Goffs with black leather and white straps.  I will probably also paint my Burna Bomber as Goff, just to add more of that clan into my army.  I count my Meganobz as Goff but they aren't black but Tin Bitz.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Showcase: Nurgle Rhino

Very proud of this model, love everything about it.  Now I have a cool ride for the Plaguemarines.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Tau-riffic Tau-tober! A "beer and pretzels" list?

Trying to make a fun list..something not too competitive. So I immediately ruled out the Buff-commander and massive markerlight support. 

CAD -2000pts
HQ: Ethereal
HQ: Cadre Fireblade; 2x shield drones

Troops: 6 Firewarriors; pulse carbines, emp grenades
Devilfish; SMS, pods
Troops: 6 Firewarriors
Devilfish; SMS, pods
Troops: 12 Firewarriors; Sash'ui, 2x shield drones

Elite: Riptide; FNP, early warning
Elite: 2x XV8; TL missile pods, early warning
Elite: 3x XV8; 6x plasma rifles

Fast: 8 Pathfinders
Fast: 2 Piranha; fusion blasters, pods
Fast: Barracuda; pods

Heavy: Hammerhead, Longstrike, sub munition, pods, SMS
Heavy: 2x XV88, missile pods
Heavy: 2x XV88, rail rifles

Aegis, quad gun

basically the Fireblade sits behind the ageis and fires the quad gun while giving  his unit extra shots.  The Ethereal can join the unit or ride in a Devilfish.

I only have 1 Riptide I went ahead and included it anyway.

A couple of interceptor missile pod suits and 6 plasma rifles to drop down somewhere.

Only 1 unit of markerlights, I figured I might as well paint a "first blood!" target on them.

Lastly, limiting the number of missile pod broadsides.

Still has a bit of firepower, and the flying battlecannon (Barracuda) is always a lot of "gets hot" rolls.

I'm going to be playing at 1500pts this month, so I will be dropping the hammerhead and riptide to get there.

Anyway, the first Tau-riffic Tau-tober! battle report soon!

Monday, October 5, 2015

It's Tau-riffic Tau-tober!

With a new codex just around the corner, it's time to celebrate all things Tau!

Tau was just my 2nd army after Orks and I started off buying a collection all the way back in 2009. I do love me some Tau as being a completely different army then my Orks.  I also loved having Tau and Ork allies back in 6th edition..Nob bikers backed up with S10 railgun broadsides..whoohoo!

Anyway my first video of Tau-tober is up, going over the KV128 Stormsurge. Enjoy!