Saturday, October 31, 2015

Tau-riffic Tau-tober! - Final thoughts

As my kids gorge on candy and October draws to a close, the Tau codex hits shelves.

- The lack of a completely new codex is very disturbing.  Points needed adjustments almost everywhere, Broadsides needed to be S10 again and maybe some D-weapons for "balance".

- The new detachments and formations look pretty good, but like most some are way better then others.

- Seems like GW is up to the old tricks of limited rules.

Now I don't mind having a whole playable dataslate in a box, but the rules need to be available separately..especially when you consider they are making only 200 copies of the rules..period.

It's really 30 firewarriors, 10 pathfinders and then the fortifications, which isn't much. But what kind of benefits it gives it what matters.   It may not be a Skyhammer Annihilation force, but it may be just as bad.

- Will Tau make it back into high-level tournament play?  Probably not. The one thing Tau does better then anyone is interceptor - which kills a lot of the high level lists (including the aforementioned Skyhammer Annihilation force) but skyfire gets super expensive very quick..especially trying to fight 5+ FMC's.

What's next? I'll probably be messing around with Tau for the next month.

With allies.  Sure, I can't do Orks (Zhadsnark backed up by broadsides? FUCK YA) in ITC rules but I can do...CHAOS!!!

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