Monday, May 20, 2019

Kustom loota Flashgitz

A long time ago I had an idea to make my own Flashgitz because I simply don't like the pirate aesthetic of the GW kit.  I had no idea what to use for weapons until I decided to use up all the extra heavy bolters I had from all the devastator kits I bought. So I bought a box of Nobz and gave it a shot.

After much trial I finished the first one and loved how it turned out.

But moving on to the 2nd one I realized I could use other weapons as well.  Multi-melta, plasma cannon, etc.  This makes each one much more unique. 

I'm pretty darn happy with how they turned out.  They will be painted up in a simple non-klan specific scheme similar to a majority of my army.

The heads are Steampunk orc heads from Spellcrow.