Friday, November 6, 2015

Orks in the ITC

After a month of muckin' about with da fisheads' it's time to get back to da Waagghh!

Well, to be honest it's because I don't have the models to play the Tau as competitive as I would ya.

Anyway I'm still trying to build up an Ork list for playing in competitive ITC tournaments.  Watching the other lists play I've started to build up my own version, and so far so good.

First, I have to admit I've been totally missing out on the amazeballs that is Tankbustas. Not for any particular reason, but just..well..dunno lol.

Sure, the first game I tried them they didn't have much to do, but that may change.  Also, I need more of them. Right now I have 1 unit of 12, and another unit being worked on. Plus 9 rokkit boys from my 3 main infantry squads.  So since I have 3 units, that's the way I'm going.  Backed up with some lootas as well.

The sad thing is really the start of any competitive Ork list must be Zhadsnark.  You must have the speed to avoid being shot off the table before you can get where you need to be.  A green tide may work, but you'll be investing so much there isn't much left to get objectives, IMO.

Bikes as ObSec troops though is nothing to laugh at..with the speed and survivability to grab those maelstrom points. A unit of 3 can be quite the thorn especially for the low low price of 54 pts..especially doing things like absorbing overwatch.

Anyway those are my thoughts, now the list:

Ork Horde Detachment:
HQ: (warlord) Zhadsnark "Da Rippa"
HQ: Painboy, warbike  *goes without saying
HQ: Warboss, warbike, Da Lucky Stikk, bosspole  *the whole unit at WS5, wee!

Troops: 15 warbikes, nob w/PK&BP
Troops: 6 warbikes, nob w/PK&BP *after the big unit goes down, gives me a little redundancy
Troops: 3 warbikes

Elite: 8 tankbustas, Trukk w/ram
Elite: 8 tankbustas, Trukk w/ram

Heavy: 15 lootas

Fortification: Aegis

Great Waggh! Detachment:
HQ: Big Mek, Warbike, Big Bosspole, KFF, PK *gets a little spendy, but having the KFF (even the normal one) could add just enough resiliency against ignore cover.  Also, fearless FTW!
HQ: Painboy *I had the points, couldn't figure out what to use them on. Giving FNP to the lootas or maybe a tankbusta unit will be nice.

Troops: 10 Grots *little cheaper with the warbikes, and they can sit with the lootas or other objective.
Troops: 3 Warbikes

Elite: 8 tankbustas, Trukk w/ram

So that's it.  A bit different then what I played last week but much better overall.   We'll see how it goes. I still have no answer for a Centstar but meh whatever.