Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Showcase: Dark Angels Rhino/Razorback.

Another project. Did pre-shading, but Caliban Green is heavy on pigment and it was hard to keep it visible. It does show up if you know where you're looking lol.

And of course, magnets!  The rear hatch has a magnet in the top. Realized this is a better idea then trying to do the corners. Worked out great.  Top hatch also has magnets.  The cupola is magnetized for the 2 options - with Storm Bolter or without. The searchlight is also magnetized for storage. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

How much can you play the same thing?

I'm bored. Bored with Orks.  I've done just about everything I can do with Orks and the models I have.  I have no clue on what I want to play anymore.

I do want to get going on my Tau/Necrons, but I need more models first. 

The biggest problem I see is with Orks you can't mix close combat and shooting. I've played pure shooty lists that are effective. I've played CC lists that are effective.  Trying to mix the two is where the codex really breaks down.

It's not the same thing as practicing a tournament list, which playing the same thing over and over is good. This is fun play, somewhat competitive environment and Orks. 

Mixing it up by including some CSM has helped, but it's still there to shoehorn the Helldrake in the list, with various degrees of success. 

I don't have an answer.  I'm already tired of the Iron hands, as that is strictly a competitive army, and I'm tired of the monotony of the Orks. 

So what do I do?

Monday, February 6, 2017

Work in progress: Pre-shading

I'm still in a holding pattern for my hobby as time ticks for tax refund season.

A while ago I bought a tactical squad and Rhino because.. reasons.  So I decided to go ahead and add them to my Dark Angels army. They are built, and for now I'm just painting the Rhino.

I painted the interior and now I'm trying my hand at pre-shading.  Last time I tried it was also on a DA rhino and the color was too intense so it covered the shading. Hopefully I can get a bit of a better result this time.

I am also working on another model car, slowly. 

But that's it for now. I'll be spraying Caliban Green in the next couple of days.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Showcase: Dark Angels Devastators.

More time filler.  I also just learned it will probably be a month before tax refund not a week, so I'm a bit despondent over that but I'll push on.

I finished the Lascannon Devastator squad. Even though technically I don't have any way to put them on the table right now in a legal formation.

I really do like how they turn out, and the more Dark Angels I paint the more I like the color scheme.

So my current project box is empty. I do have the Ghostkeel and Necrons ready to paint.  Not sure what I want to do next.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Return of the Ork horde?

I've been trying to decide what to play lately. I've played the same stuff so often that it's getting boring.

I've tried mixing up some Orks and CSM but so far it's meh. I could bring out the Air Armada again.


could the Ork Horde have much of a chance?

When I say horde, I mean 180 boyz able to Waagh! every turn.

Yes that means filling all 6 boyz units to the max in the decurion.

Great Waggh! Band

Warboss: 'eavy armor, Super Cybork, PK
Mek, Killsaw
30 boyz, nob w/pk, 3 weapons
30 boyz, nob w/pk, 3 weapons
30 boyz, nob w/pk
30 boyz, nob w/pk, shootas, 3 weapons
30 boyz, nob w/pk, shootas, 3 weapons
30 boyz, nob w/pk, shootas, 3 weapons

10 grots
3 nobs, 'eavy armor, pk


That's it. Just fill the board with bodies moving as quickly as possible.  Knights? They will fuck me up.  Anything else though and I might stand a chance.

Besides there is always the mental block of seeing 180 models on the board to kill :)

Thursday, January 19, 2017

My Top 5 X-Wing abilities I want to see in Star Trek: Attack Wing

Time for another STAW top 5!

I did play X-Wing for a while, but just could not keep up financially with yet another game so I sold everything off.  However there are a lot of cool abilities that would translate well to Attack Wing, either on a ship, captain or Elite Talent.

Honerable mention goes to: Veteran Instincts, Mangler cannon.

Anyway off to the list:

5: Pure Sabacc
This is a great ship ability, especially on a smaller ship in the 3-4 hull range.  Would be great on something like a Maquis Raider for example.

4: The Inquisitor

This is more of a captain ability then anything else, but it's another way to get +1 attack die for free.  Also could be ruled to get around the range 2 limit on Borg.

3: Bodhi Rook
A new card for X-Wing but would be a good crew ability, being able to toss around a target lock when out of position is a cool but not over powered ability.

2. Push the Limit

Yes, this ability is already in STAW with the Hathaway, but it's such a good ability it needs to be an Elite Talent so anyone can use it.  In fact, whenever I do it playing the Hathaway, I even say "push the limit"!

1: Keyan Farlander

While this a decent ability in X-Wing, it could be potentially game-breaking in Attack Wing.  Definitely a captain skill to keep it unique.  However the potential to give some ability to those wallowing Cardasian ships with red turns, or getting an effective battlestation on a k-turn, the possibilities are endless.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Can Orks do MSU?

As I was contemplating a Gladius, I was thinking if Orks could do the MSU any better.  The units are cheap, however very fragile especially in small numbers.  I don't know if it would really work but it could be interesting to see if someone can kill enough.

Using a combined Arms detachment of course, because you need that objective secured.

HQ: Warboss, PK, lucky stick, 'eavy armor, Bosspole
HQ: Painboy
Still need some punch, and the warboss' Waagh! might still be useful.

Troop: 12 shootas, 1xWeapon (BS or rokkit), Trukk w/Ram
Troop: 12 shootas, 1xWeapon (BS or rokkit), Trukk w/Ram
Troop: 12 shootas, 1xWeapon (BS or rokkit), Trukk w/Ram
Troop: 12 shootas, 1xWeapon (BS or rokkit), Trukk w/Ram
Troop: 12 'ard boys, Nob w/PK and bosspole, Trukk w/Ram
Troop: 10 'ard boys, Nob w/PK and bosspole, Trukk w/Ram
Lots of ObSec, the unit of 10 is joined by the characters. The shootas zip around on objectives and shoot stuff. 

Elite: 6 Tankbustas, Trukk w/Ram
Elite: 6 Tankbustas, Trukk w/Ram
Elite: 6 Tankbustas, Trukk w/Ram
For the elite slots we use the trusty Tankbustas. The grenade rule isn't used in ITC so the meltabombs are still useful. 

Fast: 4 warbikes
Fast: 4 warbikes
Fast: 4 warbikes
Warbikes are still the best unit in the book. These guys zipping around, absorbing overwatch, or whatever else they need. Defkopptas work too, but cost more.

Heavy: 6 Lootas
Heavy: 6 Lootas
Heavy: 6 Lootas
We round off with lootas, small units are easy to hide in cover and are still quite effective. 

So that's it. 9 Trukks, 12 bikes, 26 total killpoints.  Lots of fast moving things zipping around the board causing problems.  I wish I could try it but I only have 4 trukks.