Saturday, February 22, 2020

Final switch to Bad Moonz

After many games of Freebooterz under my belt I decided to try out essentially the same list as bad moonz.

The results are pretty telling. While the Freebooterz are actually better in Most - but not all - circumstances the Bad Moonz are just more consistent and reliable.

Where the Freebooterz trail starts to fail is against knight armies where you probably won't get a trigger and armies with big negative modifiers to hit. 

Also moving to Bad Moonz allows me to run lootas and use showin' off.  So that's 2 units that can fire twice in a turn with that, and one with Kustom Ammo.

Having lootas shoot twice, even 15 of them, under More Dakka is just unbelievable!

Combined with the Souped Up Shokka or the Gorkanaut fire twice it can be just overwhelming for an opponent.

I do run a unit of boys, but never, ever jump first turn!  The point of them is to attack late game after my opponent has been softened up by mass shooting.  They are great at grabbing objectives, shoot and assault soft objective holding units, and just provide a whole new layer of threat out of no where.

The only unit I am questioning is the 2nd SAG.  But there are not that many HQ choices to replace him with for the points.  Maybe a 2nd wierdboy?   We'll see what happens when Saga of the Beast hits.

Battalion Detachment
Kulture: Bad Moonz
HQ: Big Mek w/KFF, KMB, Big Choppa***
HQ: Wierdboy

Troops: 11 Grots
Troops: 11 Grots
Troops: 22 boyz, shootas, nob w/pk, 2x tankbusta bomb

Battalion Detachment
Kulture: Bad Moonz
Specialist Detachment: Dread Mob (-1CP)
HQ: Big Mek w/SAG, grot oiler, Da Souped Up Shokka
HQ: Big Mek w/SAG, grot oiler

Troops: 10 Grots
Troops: 10 Grots
Troops: 10 Grots

Fast: 2x Megatrakk Scrapjets

Heavy: Gorkanaut
Heavy: 4x Mek Gunz, 4x Smasha Gunz
Heavy: 15x Lootas

Air Wing Detachment
Kulture: Bad Moonz
Dakkajet 6x supashootas
Dakkajet 6x supashootas
Wazbomb Blastajet, KFF, Wazbomb mega kannons, smasha gun

1997pts, 110PL, 14(-1) CP

Monday, February 3, 2020

Showcase: Evil Sunz warbikes w/GorkaMorka banners

after many many months I have finally finished this unit!

I absolutely love how they came out.  I plan on getting another unit someday, but for now these will replace one of the units I already have.

Not much else to say,  I would love to get the Evil Sunz back on the table but I need to re-base both units of boys to do so.  Maybe a package of 100 32mm bases is in my future.