Sunday, February 24, 2019

Showcase: Kromlech Orc Barracks

 Finally getting time for hobby again, and man do I miss it.

Starting with getting the Kromlech terrain done that I've had sitting on the shelf for what..a year? More?  Not sure but it needs to be done.

This was a lot of fun and quite easy to paint.  The Mek Workshop will be a lot harder. Anyway enjoy and back to the brush!

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Updating Kult of Speed list

After a couple games with the Kult of Speed I decided I need a bit more firepower.  Also, I want to play with my UFO's.  :)

The two Megatrakk Scrapjets costs 220 points, so I needed to squeeze down a bit.

First thing I did was drop 1 of my units of boys down to 10 models for mob up and jumping first turn.  That saved a bit of points, but no where near enough. Reluctantly I dropped the rokkits in the shoota boyz units to free up the rest of the space.  Oh, and had to drop 1 bike.  :(

So here is the revised list:

Battalion Detachment
Kulture: Evil Sunz
Kult of Speed Specialist Detachment (-1 CP)

HQ: DeffKilla Wartrike, Skargrim's Snazztrike, warlord: Quick, Ladz!
HQ: Big Mek on bike, KFF, (Index)

Troops: 30 shootas, Nob w/PK
Troops: 30 shootas,  Nob w/PK
Troops: 10 shootas, Nob w/PK

Elite: Painboy on Bike

Fast: 12 Warbikes, Nob w/PK
Fast: 11 Warbikes, Nob w/PK

Heavy: 3 smasha gunz

Battalion Detachment
Kulture: Evil Sunz

HQ: Wierdboy
HQ: Zhadsnark

Troops: 10 grots
Troops: 10 grots
Troops: 10 grots

Fast: 2 Megatrakk Scrapjets

1998pts, 104PL

I plan on putting the scrapjets in Teleyporta since they are the only vehicles it does not make sense to leave them vulnerable to shooting.

We'll see how it goes!