Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Tau-riffic Tau-tober! A "beer and pretzels" list?

Trying to make a fun list..something not too competitive. So I immediately ruled out the Buff-commander and massive markerlight support. 

CAD -2000pts
HQ: Ethereal
HQ: Cadre Fireblade; 2x shield drones

Troops: 6 Firewarriors; pulse carbines, emp grenades
Devilfish; SMS, pods
Troops: 6 Firewarriors
Devilfish; SMS, pods
Troops: 12 Firewarriors; Sash'ui, 2x shield drones

Elite: Riptide; FNP, early warning
Elite: 2x XV8; TL missile pods, early warning
Elite: 3x XV8; 6x plasma rifles

Fast: 8 Pathfinders
Fast: 2 Piranha; fusion blasters, pods
Fast: Barracuda; pods

Heavy: Hammerhead, Longstrike, sub munition, pods, SMS
Heavy: 2x XV88, missile pods
Heavy: 2x XV88, rail rifles

Aegis, quad gun

basically the Fireblade sits behind the ageis and fires the quad gun while giving  his unit extra shots.  The Ethereal can join the unit or ride in a Devilfish.

I only have 1 Riptide I went ahead and included it anyway.

A couple of interceptor missile pod suits and 6 plasma rifles to drop down somewhere.

Only 1 unit of markerlights, I figured I might as well paint a "first blood!" target on them.

Lastly, limiting the number of missile pod broadsides.

Still has a bit of firepower, and the flying battlecannon (Barracuda) is always a lot of "gets hot" rolls.

I'm going to be playing at 1500pts this month, so I will be dropping the hammerhead and riptide to get there.

Anyway, the first Tau-riffic Tau-tober! battle report soon!

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