Thursday, May 3, 2012

Raindog's Rampage (1500pt WHFB tournament) Part 3

So after getting completely obliterated first game, I was in sent to the "Table of Shame".

Game 2: Master Mage. In this scenario one mage is given loremaster for their chosen lore, and in addition get a casting bonus from ranks in the unit he is in, up to 3.  There is a lot of magic here.  You get 5 bonus points for killing the opponent master mage and 5 points for having yours still alive.

I got to play Karl's Ogres.

Hero: Butcher; Level 2, bloodgruel
Hero: Brusier; BSB, Sword of Striking, Armor of Fortune

Core: Ogres x8; Full command
Core: Irgonguts x8; Full command, great weapons, Standard of Discipline

Special: Leadbelchers x4
Special: Sabertusk x1
Special: Mournfang Calvary x2, Ironfist

Rare: Ironblaster

In the few games I've had, I can actually stand up pretty well vs Ogres, with the exception of the Mournfang.  The leadbelchers hold up in a building, but I charged them bottom of turn 1 with my spiderriders, and killed all but 1 chasing them down!  I spent a few turns slowing whittling them down, to the point in turn 4 where the ogres were dead, the ironguts down to 4 models and the mournfang had a couple wounds.  He took the last 2 units with the Butcher and charged the big'uns.  I thought I had it won at that point. But he cast trollguts on an irresistible force. This killed one mournfang, and an irongut.  But it also killed 7 of my guys!!!  Even at that I still had my full attacks, but he ended up failing only 1 save the entire combat phase! I lost that combat and was chased down.  At the same time the single sabertusk charged my 8 remaining spider riders.  He killed one of them, and I completely whiffed swinging back (even the hero) and the lone cat chased down and destroyed the whole unit!

Basically my entire army wiped out in one combat phase.  After that all I had left was the doom diver, the mage and 8 goblins. I tried to finish off his last few guys but no luck and I was tabled.  His mage lived, so it was a complete loss 3-20.


Game 3: King of the Hill

A hill is set up in the middle along one side. Any unit or banner on the hill at the end of the game is worth 1 bonus point, up to the max of 10.

I was still sitting on the Table of Shame, up against Shawn's Orcs and Goblins

Lord: Orc Warboss, Gold Sigil Sword, Armor of Destiny, Shield

Hero: Orc Shaman, level 2, Dragonbane
Hero: Night Goblin Shaman, level 2

Core: Boys x24, Additional hand weapon, standard, musician, Big'Uns
Core: Night Goblins x29, Shields, Musician, Standard, 3 fanatics

Special: Black Orcs x17, Shields, Standard, Musician
Special: Orc Chariot
Special: Orc Chariot
Special: Orc Boar Boys x5; Spears, shields, standard, musician

Rare: Mangler
Rare: Mangler

This game didn't last long. I messed up deployment so there wasn't room for my mangler, so it sat on the edge, useless. First turn my NG squabbled, so I didn't cast. Then both my warmachines wrecked themselves on misfires.  It went downhill from there.  I called it at end of turn 4 as I was about to get charged by his whole army.

We measured units to see how many could get on the hill, awarded him 6 bonus points.

Another crushing defeat, 3-16.

Last part will be my last game.

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