Thursday, April 26, 2012

Raindog's Rampage (1500pt WHFB tournament) Part 1

Sunday the 22nd was the spring Rampage, a 1500pt friendly WHFB tournament.  I brought my Orcs and Goblins, of course. 

My list:

Lord: Night Goblin Great Shaman, Level 4, Dispel Scroll, Talisman of Preservation

Hero: Orc Big Boss, Armor of Fortune, Gold Sigil Sword
Hero: Black Orc Big Boss, Gambler's Armor, Sword of Battle, BSB
Hero: Goblin Big Boss, light armor, spear, giant spider

Core: 28 Boys, full command, Big 'uns, extra hand weapon
Core: 24 Night Goblins, Bows, Musician
Core: 9 Spider Riders, Bows, Musician

Special: Troll
Special: Orc Chariot
Special: Orc Chariot

Rare: Mangler Penguin
Rare: Doom Diver
Rare: Ice Lobber

total 1499pts

Lord 245 16.3%
Hero 314 20.9%
Core 505 33.7%
Special 205 13.7%
Rare 230 15.3%

I wanted to make sure my characters has magic weapons in case  I came up against some ethereal stuff.

The troll I've recently added and have really liked how well he is working out as a re-director, keeping the heat off the boys until I can control the charge.

I also bring my Orc chariots mainly because the models are just so cool (my Polar bear chariots).  I really wish though now I would have had 1 chariot and a 2nd mangler.  Really could have helped my day (more of that in part 2).

I really like having the 4+ ward on the NG Shaman, as he is such an important part of my army.  The magic mushroom is such a boost to casting, and really helps mitigate winds of magic.

I took the spider riders because of the missions.  I needed some swift units that could reach the other side of the table reliably.  I added the hero last second both because he adds a decent punch, better LD and of course he's just dirt freaking cheap.  I might add in a couple into the big block of NG spearmen in my OFCC list.

Basically my army centers around the big'uns. I use the troll to redirect, and everything else is about softening up the rest of the opponent's army so the boys can clean up.  Really WS4, S5 in first round of combat with 2 attacks each really pack a punch. The Black Orc in there means I don't have to worry about animosity and can control the unit no matter what.

Part 2 I'll go over my games.  Wish I had taken some pics..

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