Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The next project and more Vampire Counts

My Tau are done. I really, really want to be done with my Blood Angels, but I keep not being able to do that. The problem is I didn't build a competitive list, but a comp list. To make it more competitive I need more models. Sigh. The first unit is done, but now I need to make an entire new 5-man assault squad. At least it's assembled and primed now, and I hope to get it painted by the tournament I have on the 20th along with another las-plas turret.

After that I am going to make that unit it's own Razorback, in addition I need: 1 more ML devastator and a AC/LC predator...both of which are assembled already. Finally I need a new sergeant for my remaining Tactical squad. If there is any ambition left I'll make an assault weapon guy to round out my rhino-based 9 man assault squad. THEN I'll be done with Blood Angels.

Also finished assembly on the 2k VC list. made a small change, dropping 1 grave guard and hatred on the lord to give the lord Forbidden Lore, which gives me access to the normal lores (except life). I'm thinking light. I10 WS10 crypt ghouls sounds like fun :)

After everything was done, I had a stack of boxes and sprues to deal with. Cut off all the bits.

Yay fun!

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