Sunday, June 29, 2014

Even more Mek Gun scratch builds!

I've finished building 10 Mek Gun Chassis.  I had a problem coming up with wheels, but found some perfect ones on a dollar store quad bike. $2 later I have 8 wheels to finish the last 4 chassis.

Also looking through the toys I found an action figure with a cool looking gun.  Only this one type of gun however, and I think it fits best as a smasha gun . It should paint up real nice especially with some plasma/OSL airbrush work.

I'll keep looking through cheap toys, if I can't find anything I'll just get more of these and modify them for tracktor kannons and kustom mega-cannons.

I'll be working on the paint on these guys slowly, as not only did I pick up another commission, but I am also thinking I need more mek models..

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