Friday, July 4, 2014

First list with new codex

I didn't dive right in like on other books, but instead sat back and watched and read into other people's experiences with the new book. Then combined with my own ideas I built my first list for a pickup game yesterday.

Primary: Combined arms detachment
HQ: Warboss
PK, Bosspole, Da Lucky Stick, Cybork

The new waggh! rule is pretty fantastic, so having a warboss warlord is almost mandatory IMO. Bought the lucky stick, but it never came into play this game.  I stuck with the cybork despite how much it sucks.  I would also normally take 'eavy armor, but I was exactly 4pts over..

HQ: Wierdboy
Level 2

HQ: Mek
Just because I could.

Troop:  30 Slugga Boyz
'eavy armor, Nob w/PK and bosspole
This is the main unit, with much more survivability then regular boys.  Slugga boys really needed to go down in price, not stay the same, but I digress..

Troop: 30 Shoota Boyz
Big Shoota x3, Nob w/PK and bosspole

Fast: 2 Deffkoptas
I still love me some deffkoptas, and the slight drop in price is pretty cool.

Heavy: 15 lootas
1 mek
Took the mek, obviously, for mob rule.

Heavy: 2 Mek Guns
Kustom Mega-Cannons, 2x ammo runts
I love these, for the price the hitting power can't be overstated.

Heavy: 4 Mek Guns
Lobbas, 4x ammo runts
The great Lobba, now bigger, badder, cheaper.

Ork Horde Detachment
I took this just for the extra HQ slot, even though it means losing Objective Secured.

HQ: Big Mek
KFF, bosspole
The KFF isn't the 50pts of broken it once was, and it never really came into play until late game.  I'd rather have the old version and risk coming up against ignore cover armies, that's for sure.

HQ: Wierdboy
Level 2
More psychic awesomeness.

HQ: Painboy
He rode with the KFF and Warboss in the 'ard boys unit.  HUGE.

Troop: 30 Shoota Boyz
Big shoota x3

Troop: 12 Shoota Boyz
Trukk w/Reinforced Ram

Troop: 11 Slugga Boyz
Nob w/PK and bosspole
Trukk w/Reinforced Ram

A couple of trukks that can provide quick objective grabbing, but remember they don't have objective secured.  I kept one trukk in reserve, the other in range of the KFF.

Fortification: Aegis Defense Line

I knew I would be playing Tau, but I went with this as-is anyway.  I wanted to try out the big mob of 'ard boys with FNP and it was just fantastic, taking round after round of shooting.  I did fail 1 morale test, though, but with armor and FNP that resulted in no casualties.

Another HUGE help in this game was getting the warlord trait that allowed all units within 12" to use the warlord's LD.  I can't stress how useful this particular trait will be going forward. I liked it before, because I could keep my lootas on the table but now it's good for everyone.

Pretty much the entire game both my psychic phase and Mek Guns were fail..throwing 8 dice as possession and failing!!!  The scatter die wasn't on my side, that's for sure.

That's the nice thing about mek guns, they are so cheap that if they scatter a lot an fail, you're not missing much.  My opponent however didn't like them, and wasted a turn of shooting at them, only to realize how useless that was.  If I had been rolling better on scatter, I think the game would have been a lot more of a blowout for my side.

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