Monday, July 7, 2014

On the table: Ork characters

So I need another wierdboy, and went with an AoBR nob and a Big Stabba from the savage orc box to use as a weirdboy staff. Still need to do some greenstuff work.

Also dug out a couple meks to use as characters in my loota units. The 2 I have now have KMB's which I don't really plan on taking.

 I might magnetize the arms just in case I ever take a killsaw. 

I also finally finished my Longstrike, including modifying one of my Hammerhead turrets to be able to swap him it. It's not magnetized, doesn't really need to be.

I'm in the last stages of another Imperial Fists Storm Talon commission as well.  All of these should be done in short order.

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