Thursday, July 31, 2014

The time is finally here!

Yep, after 7 months of working on game night, I finally was able to change my schedule so I have Wednesdays open again.

That means a whole lot more battle reports are coming, and will be almost exclusively Orks

I will be trying out different things over time, as I get used to playing the new book.

I will be concentrating my hobby time on building up my summoned deamons, and figuring out some Chaos Space Marines to use as an allied detachment.

I can't wait to get back in the grove of a regular 40k game.  I've been spending so much time and money on Star Trek Attack Wing that I've gotten use to it.

Also, Space Wolves are coming very soon. I do have some of them, which was always meant to be a small allied force for my Tau.  That idea is out the window for the most part, but at least I can still ally with my much-forgotten Blood Angels.

So anyway, look forward to more and more batreps soon, and what I learn from them.

Oh, and WS5 FNP 'ard boys are still FREAKING SWEET!

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