Sunday, June 8, 2014

Op Ed: Flash Gitz and what is GW doing?

After 6 1/2 years you would think I couldn't contain my excitement for a new Ork Codex.    I love my Orks. I loved Orks back in the 90's when I started playing them, and I love them every time I play.  I love playing a horde, I love playing battle wagon rush, I love throwing so many dice at a target I can't hold them in my hands.

I don't know if it's the excruciatingly slow ramp up to the codex, or the "meh" Flash Gitz, or the lack of funds to buy a Gorkanaugt that has me down.  Sure, I've got some (in perspective, minor) issues going in IRL but not enough that I can't easily handle. 

I just don't seem overly excited yet.  I know what the competitive field is like and what it's going to take for Orks to join the competitive ranks.  I just want the army to be GOOD. Not necessarily TauDar or 44 psychic dice eye-rolling good. Just solid. and Orky.  Yes, Orky is a real word. I even added it my Firefox dictionary!!

Maybe the next 2 weeks things will change. I'm not sure.

The Flash Gitz models are ...fantastic. Pure and simple.  The guns are awesome.  I'm not into the freeboota thing much, especially with my preference for Blood Axes, but even with that they look like a great model to work on.  I might even work on converting some up..finally. 

The rules...are meh. Just meh. Sure, they are a TON better then in the last codex, but they were just so bad before that any improvement at all would be significant.  The biggest thing of course is being able to have a dedicated transport.  The 3 shots at S5 isn't bad, especially when 50% of the time you're penetrating Space Marine armor.  The are still spendy and now even more fragile.  But with 'ere we go, S5 on the charge at 4 attacks each they could actually be a very effective unit especially coupled with a Warboss. 

Just some quick calculations, 5 of these staying still and getting AP3 or less should kill 5 marines.  Then charge in and kill 2 more. That's not bad.  Not great, but not bad.

Other rumors are trickling out. Just rumors, but so far, as I expected, there won't be many big changes.  Like with the Tau codex, not much was actually changed. But the changes that were made, added up to a lot. That's what I'm really hoping for in the new codex, a lot of little changes that add up to a significant boost.

oh, and don't worry, there will be many videos on the new codex.

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