Thursday, December 18, 2014

So I break out the Blood Angels..I still hate tactical squads.

Just open gaming for December so I decided to break out my Blood Angels.  Picked up a game also against Blood Angels.

My list:

Baal Strike Force

HQ: Priest
HQ: Priest w/jump pack

Troop: Tacticals x10, combi-plasma, plasma gun, heavy flamer, drop pod
Troop: Tacticals x 9, combi-melta, melta, rhino

Elite: Death Company x 10, 8x bolter, 2x power swords, rhino

Fast: 10 RAS, 2x melta, Vet w/fist
Fast: 2x Attack Bikes, 2x MM

Heavy: Devastators x6, 4x ML, Las-Plas Razorback
Heavy: Pred, lascannon sponsoons, overcharged engines
Heavy: Baal Pred, Heavy bolters

LoW: Dante

My opponent:
Combined Arms
HQ: Libby Dred, meltagun
HQ: Mephiston

Troop: 10 tacticals, vet w/fist, combi-melta, meltagun, MM, drop pod
Troop: 10 tacticals, heavy flamer, plasmagun, rhino

Elite: 10 death company, 2x power swords, fist

Fast: 10 RAS, 2x melta, Vet w/fist
Heavy: Baal Pred, Flamestorm
Heavy: Stormraven, AC/MM

Rolled Big Guns never tire, dawn of war.


End of turn 1:

End of turn 2:
End of turn 3:

End of turn 4:
 End of Game:

I have to say the combination of furious charge, +1 WS from the priest and +1 initiative from the formation is quite the amazing combination. 

Dante is an absolute beast!   He gets boosted by the priest and the formation as well, resulting in WS, strength and Initiative 7 on the charge...with 6 attacks.  WOWSERS!  Also now that he has eternal warrior he can tank for the whole squad. 

Death Company are pretty darn awesome too. I think a full unit with jump packs is a real powerhouse that can be on their own and do a lot of damage and/or soak up a lot of firepower.

I still hate tactical marines and am still pissed to no end that I have to take them.  Also I'm sure there is enough low-ap shooting out there to really deal a lot of wounds unlike what we had in this game.

The new book is better then the old one, no doubt. But just like in the Ork codex there seems to be an awful lot of change for change's sake, which is just plain dumb.

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