Saturday, December 27, 2014

On the bench: Blood Angels tactical marines

The new codex has me painting my long-forgotten Blood Angel tactical squad.  I still don't want to play with them. And no, scouts are not a good answer either.

The first 5 are done, all bolter guys.  One of the models is a plasma cannon but that is getting done up as a devastator instead. I plan on getting a box of Sternguard and using the heavy flamer out of that to go with this tactical squad.

These guys I got in a trade and took a lot of work to get cleaned up enough to paint. Still not perfect.  Two of them are snap-fit guys not sure from where.  The rest got a Blood Angels shoulder pad from the death company kit.

After this unit is done and the Sternguard (plus another drop pod) are done, I might not do any more BA. A full bike unit with grav guns is something I am considering for later down the road.

Besides, I don't know how long my Blood Red will last.

Anyway, that's it for now. Not many posts this month as I've been busy painting. My BA take a long time to paint.

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