Friday, August 13, 2010

Adicted to podcasts.

So recently I picked up a new phone plan and a new phone, Blackberry Curve. It was free. I never thought I'd have any need for a smartphone but I've found it not only useful but almost indispensable. Just having all my emails go to one spot, with me at all times, has been fantastic.

I've never really been into podcasts because I havn't had the time or opportunity to listen to any. The BB has changed that. With a cool app that manages podcast I've now filled 2gb+ of 40k and atheism podcasts. Mostly 40k.

So currently subscribed:
-Atheist experience
-The non-prophets

-The Independent Characters
-The Overlords
-Dice Like Thunder
-Imperial Vox Cast
-40k radio (of course!)
-The 11th Company

I need a bigger sd card :)

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  1. a few other good podcasts in the atheistic vein are mr. diety and the thinking athiest. i'm also subbed to the skeptic's guide to the universe and for good reason: while not necessarily atheistic, both are about critical thinking. FGR is actually hosted by DJ Grothe, the current president of the james randi educational foundation :)