Friday, August 27, 2010

Slowing down a lot, but soon to speed up again.


I have not done much since OFCC. I've been killing myself for the last year to get the army done. Now that the event is over, I'm able to better pace myself.

Since OFCC ended, I have finished my 3 FW nob bikers. After that I took 2 of my other nob bikers (which were used as biker leaders) and did some more work on the paint. I took them from a basecoat to washed and highlighted, and based. Now I have a full 5 nob bikers ready to go.

However it may be a while before I actually play them. Next month I plan on playing Tau simply because I haven't in a very long time.

Tau army video

So what's in the pipeline? Well first, I have prepped and primed 8 more boys for my latest shoota boy squad, 7 shootas and 1 rokkit. I might actually do some big shootas for them as well, but I doubt it, and at least I'll finish up the 30 first.

Second, is a land speeder I am doing for a charity army through the 40k radio forums. It's going to be Ultramarines which is super easy to paint. Easier then Necrons.

I also have pulled out my Mephiston model and threatened to paint that. But so far, it's only a threat.

Even though I only took 2nd last month, it was still enough to get another box of kans. I now have 2 unopened boxes so I can max out.

I have to pull out 5 more bikers and get them set up and ready to join the nob squad.

Finally, I want to do a few airbrush videos and I have my ME262 for that. It's practice as I plan on doing both the speeder and the kans with the airbrush.

More to come..

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